There are several keys to enjoying your sex life and the Tesão de Vaca is a natural supplement that is one of those keys. The second key is to adjust your expectations about how sex should look and feel. Regardless of your unique circumstances, the more you can accept and flow with them, the more likely you will be open and able to find pleasure.

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Tesão de vaca is the secret to increase female libido #1 – Pre-Orgasmic Women

Not all women find their way to orgasm easily. There are many reasons for this, both psychological and physiological. If you are not sure if you have ever had an orgasm then you probably have not had it. An orgasm is a distinct physiological occurrence that would be hard to miss.

Tip: Using a personal vibrator is recommended for pre-orgasmic women. Strong vibrations provide a more intense stimulation than you are likely to have with one hand. If you are having difficulty reaching orgasm, you can try this or another vibrator to help her. If you are a woman who has never had an orgasm, keep trying. It may take many hours and many attempts over several months to get there, but you will!

There are many paths. All it takes is some time, patience, some knowledge and a lot of persistence. The main key to becoming orgasmic is to reserve regular time for the pleasure of yourself. Give yourself at least two hours, preferably three, to take advantage of all the pleasurable sensations you can create in your body.

Tesão de vaca is the secret to increase female libido #2 – Low libido

Some people have little or no sexual arousal or libido. This tends to affect more women than men. It can be caused by numerous factors, both physiological and psychological. For some people, having a low sexual desire is not a problem; They are perfectly satisfied with a low libido. Others, however, are concerned about this. They feel the lack of movement for sex and all the wonderful feelings and sensations that accompany it.

Sometimes the problem with low libido is the discrepancy with your partner’s sexual desires and appetite. When this happens, you may feel pressured to increase your libido. You will probably be more successful at increasing your libido if you take advantage of your desire to increase it for your own benefit.

Tesão de vaca is the secret to increase female libido #3 – Contributing factors for low libido

Physiological factors for low libido include pain in sex, certain deficiencies and medical conditions, and possibly hormonal imbalances. If you suspect any of these are the cause of your low libido, you should approach this first with your doctor. If you have ruled out any physiological causes of your low libido, the question may be psychological.

The psychological factors for low libido are numerous. Guilt or shame about your sexuality may be strong enough to turn off your sexual desire. For some, it may be much easier to suppress all sexual feelings than to have continual guilt or shame. A history of physical or sexual abuse can also affect libido. Painful memories can make physical intimacy feel insecure and therefore undesirable.

Tesão de vaca is the secret to increase female libido #4 – Overcoming Low Libido

There is certainly a lot you can do if you want to increase your libido. Achieving your desire to increase libido is the first step. Let yourself want to feel more sexual desire. The desire must flow from within you, and it can not be about what you should do or what your lover wants you to do. Finding your own motivation has the potential to open the doors of excitement. Libido can be started with enthusiasm.

Start masturbating, even if you do not feel like it. Do your exercises on the pelvic floor. Look for sexual aids that you feel have the potential to awaken you. If you have a history of physical or sexual abuse, you should consider seeking some professional advice to help you uncover the negative impact you are having on your sexuality.

Tesão de vaca is the secret to increase female libido #5 – Tesão de Vaca Will Help You


Tesão de Vaca is a powerful 100% natural aphrodisiac that is driving women crazy by increasing their sexual desire immediately after consumption without any health risk. This powerful aphrodisiac acts as a stimulant creating a feeling of uncontrollable desire, just a few drops and the magic happens.

Anyone who has used knows the benefits of this natural stimulant and its efficient power helping to spice up the sex life! Tesão de Vaca is a natural aphrodisiac based on medicinal herbs that causes the increase of sexual desire. It is an international success used by thousands of women, thanks to its results, quick effects, and without any record of side effect.

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