Many people already know about Kegel exercises for women and their importance. For those who do not know, the PC muscles are a very complex network of muscles that runs through the pelvic floor of your clitoris to the anus and deep into the vaginal canal. If these muscles are properly exercised, they can bring many benefits to you.

Kegel Exercises for Women and Relationships with the Libido #1 – Muscle Locations

There are 3 main muscle segments for the PC. Those in the opening of the urethra begin and stop the flow of urine. There is a second set within the vaginal canal that is also connected to the anus and a third set that is deeper inside the vaginal canal and near the cervix. These “sets” of musculature are not separated, but a connected network.

We refer to them as sets so you can visualize these three parts when you are learning about doing Kegel exercises. Therefore, PC muscles are the muscles that start and stop the flow of urine, as well as allowing the woman to give birth and push a baby out, as well as improve her orgasmic energy and the muscles the woman will use to ejaculate.

Kegel exercises for women and the relationship with libido #2 – Importance of strengthening these muscles

The muscles of the PC and its strength are connected to:

  • Female ejaculation release
  • Pumping orgasmic energy through the female body
  • It is possible to have more powerful orgasms and the chance of multiple orgasms
  • Better and greater pleasure for the woman
  • Best feeling for both of you during intercourse
  • Increases blood flow and vaginal health
  • Strengthens stimulation of your clitoris, G-spot and cervix

Kegel Exercises for Women and the Relationship to the Libido #3 – Fear of Pulling Out

You will be exercising these muscles when you are tightening the muscles at each level in addition to pushing out. Practice! This is great for your orgasmic management as well. Squeezing is something that women are more familiar and easy to do.

Pushing on the other hand can be a bit scary because you may feel like you are in the mood to pee when she pushes you out. Pulling out can also release any gas you may have, maybe it’s not so feminine it, but the more you give it permission to let go and accept the embarrassment possible, it’s worth ten times the pleasure. Laugh at yourself, it happens.

Kegel Exercises for Women and Relationships with the Libido #4 – For Exercising and Understanding the Muscles of the PC

In addition to all the benefits of exercising your PC muscles and how this can strengthen your muscles as well as various other exercises you can do the best of it all is that you can do it practically anywhere. Once your PC muscles are in shape and strong, you will have an enhanced sexual experience.

To recap, you are using these muscles to expel ejaculation, in addition to pumping orgasmic energy through your body and stimulate your G spot. You should definitely research this more to help the couple mutually.

This is because some of the sensations caused by G-spot stimulation suddenly make you feel like urinating. Using the bathroom before entering the bedroom, you will prevent her from worrying about peeing. Otherwise, she will not let herself relax completely, and if she can not relax, she will probably not have an orgasm.

Kegel Exercises for Women and the Relationship to the Libido #5 – How to Increase Sexual Desire


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