Have you ever wondered how to satisfy a woman? If you are interested in learning about your woman, this article will be a step by step guide to navigating within your woman mentally as well as physically. Before you read, do not let your ego get in the way. Read each step carefully.

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How to satisfy a woman with simple tips #1 – Relieve your emotions

Do you have any idea about the stress a woman experiences at any given time? It may be because of children who need to go to the doctor, deal with a terrible boss, family members asking for money, or the menstrual cycle making their monthly visit.

So, as a man, what is your place within all this emotional stress? For being its soothing influence. Men and women have two distinctive worlds. Women are so consumed with stresses of life, they react to issues like bombs. As a man, his job is to spread that bomb.

Nothing is more comforting to a woman than you penetrate your eardrums with the assurance of stress relief. By soothing your emotions, you are creating the backdrop for sensuality. So the next time she’s worried about a problem, take care of her, and she’ll take care of you that night. Just make sure that you will actually take care of the problem.

How to satisfy a woman with simple tips #2 – Conversation

Conversation is the key ingredient in a relationship, especially with a woman. After dealing with the stresses of life, your woman would enjoy a lot of pleasant and relaxing conversation to stimulate your mind, among other things.

You can ask the most secret question of all time that humanity has tried to discover. Are you ready to hear this secret question that all men want to know to ask their woman? Here goes: “What did you do today?” It is! Asking what she did today will allow her to release all her emotions.

And, you know that a relaxed mind equals a relaxed body, similar to doing yoga. But, of course, talking is not a one-way street. You have to listen to exactly what she is saying in order to reciprocate smoothly. Speaking of listening…

How to satisfy a woman with simple tips #3 – She Glows When You Listen

So you’re starting to excite your wife’s bodily desires by simply asking “What did you do today.” She is saying this and that about her day; Yet his mind wanders as in another whole galaxy. When you get back to reality, you see your wife walking in anger.

You must hear! Listening is an important aspect of a healthy and enjoyable relationship. It is impossible to communicate with her without having good listening skills. Here are some tips to refine these skills to avoid having a night out on the couch:

How to satisfy a woman with simple tips #4 – Learn How To Be An Active Listener

Unfortunately, most men have never been taught to be an active listener. They are too busy with their own thoughts to tune in what their woman is actually saying. If this is you then it is time to start opening your ears.

Active listening, a concept used by counselors, requires the listener to convey the message they hear from the speaker, paraphrasing it in their own words. In other words, when she says something to you, repeat what you have heard in different words.

How to satisfy a woman with simple tips #5 – Be Understanding

You have to understand that everything she says will be right, wrong or neutral. So, if she’s right, give her recognition. If she is wrong, tell her you do not agree. For example, it suggests that you need a new haircut, but you do not feel that this is necessary.

Instead of being offensive about your suggestion, tactfully let her know that you understand her and will consider doing a haircut when you are ready; When women feel understood, they will be more receptive to cooperating. Remember that you do not have to agree with it to understand it.

How to satisfy a woman with simple tips #6 – Embrace Your Emotions

The sooner you embrace your wife’s feelings about a particular subject she wants to discuss with you, the easier it will be to communicate with her. Although she may erroneously express certain things, realizing her point of view is mainly about how she feels, not the conversational content itself. Just listen and respond accordingly.

How to satisfy a woman with simple tips #7 – During sex, use this

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