This article is largely geared towards women seeking a frigidity treatment. This does not imply that men also can not experience a low desire. And, of course, men can follow the suggestions offered here.

But in my experience, low sexual desire in men is usually caused by one of about six things: low testosterone, anxiety, depression, use of prescribed medications, work-related stress, or the prior existence of other sexual problems such as ejaculation Premature or erectile problems. Women’s desire problems tend to be more complicated.

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Frigidity treatment – How to eliminate female frigidity once and for all #1 – First thing to do

Absolutely the first thing you should do, if you are experiencing a low sexual desire, is to have your testosterone level checked. This applies whether you are a man or a woman, and applies regardless of your age.

Do this even if you have experienced desire in the past and are not experiencing it now. The test is also good if you have noticed that your level of sexual desire seems to decrease abruptly for no reason that is obvious to you.

Frigidity treatment – How to eliminate female frigidity once and for all #2 – Low Testosterone

If you are a woman with low testosterone, the situation is a bit more complicated. Women do not need as much testosterone as men, but they need some. Some forms of hormone replacement therapy combine estrogen and testosterone, but hormone therapy is usually used only for women during or after menopause.

Unfortunately, we now know that the administration of estrogen after menopause can have some serious side effects. However, today it is known that a natural formula increases female sexual desire, keep reading this article to know more.

Frigidity treatment – How to eliminate female frigidity once and for all #3 – Things Women Need to Know

Firstly, women, in general, suffer many hormonal events throughout their lives that can have profound effects on sexual desire. An example is a pregnancy, where most women try at least once. Pregnancy and its consequences (childbirth and breastfeeding) can affect a woman’s sexual desire in a variety of ways.

Many women report experiencing increased sexual desire in the stages of pregnancy, but many women report a marked decrease in sexual desire soon after delivery, especially if they breastfeed. There are a number of reasons for this.

Pregnancy and childbirth greatly affect the body’s hormone levels. And if you breastfeed, you secrete more than a usual amount of oxytocin, the so-called binding hormone. Oxytocin may temporarily suppress testosterone.

Many new mothers experience a marked decline in a lack of sexual desire due to a combination of lack of sleep. Many women get extremely upset after giving birth when their sexual desire does not return.

The reality is that it can take up to two years for it to return to normal. The good news is that, like postpartum depression, the hormonal loss of sexual and temporary desire. Will return.

Frigidity treatment – How to eliminate female frigidity once and for all #4 – Menopause

Another hormonal event that women suffer that can affect their sexual desire is menopause. Unlike men, women do not maintain their fertility throughout their lives. Somewhere in their early forties, a woman’s estrogen levels begin to fall, and in the early of 50 year old, they usually stop ovulating and stop having menstrual periods.

Some women report a decrease in sexual desire during this process, which is not a single event but lasts for several years. Again, this decrease in sexual desire is usually temporary.

Frigidity treatment – How to eliminate female frigidity once and for all #5 – Solution for female frigidity


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