Many people think that women are too complicated to reach an orgasm, but that’s not the way it is. It is estimated that 60 to 70% of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. If you do not know where the clitoris is, look for a diagram online. It is the small pearl that is at the top, where his two inner lips meet. This is just one of the tips we will learn in this article. Keep reading.

Orgasm: 5 tips to make a woman reach orgasm #1 – Clitoral Stimulation

The small pleasure center known as the clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as the penis. He is hidden under a hood, and sometimes you need to leave the woman very aroused so she can see the clitoris. In addition, the clitoris can be very sensitive to direct touch, but you can still lick and it will receive stimulation.

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To stimulate the clitoris with your fingers, you can put a finger or two on the clitoris, and stimulate it in circular motion, or from side to side … if you look at videos of women masturbating, this will give you a good example. You can also try to indent the vagina with the middle finger and then stimulate the clitoris with the thumb. Stimulating the clitoris with the penis is another option.

Orgasm: 5 tips to make a woman reach orgasm #2 – Stimulate G Spot

There are also ways to make a woman ejaculate. For this, you need to stimulate the G-spot. While some women do not care about this type of orgasm, others say it is extremely pleasurable, sometimes more than a clitoral orgasm. Supposedly, the fluid that is ejaculated is very much like the ejaculation of a man, and comes from a gland similar to the prostate of man, however much smaller.

The G-spot is easier to locate when a woman is sexually aroused. It is located inside a woman’s vagina, along the front wall, and is a bit rougher than the rest of the skin. You can get there by inserting a finger or two and making a “come here” motion with your fingers, while applying pressure on the spot or by touching it up and down. The G-spot responds to a much firmer pressure than the clitoris, so do not be afraid to use any force.

Orgasm: 5 tips to make a woman reach orgasm #3 – Use Different Positions and Techniques

An infallible method for giving an orgasm to a woman is the “mixed” technique. It’s called “blended” because you mix, or combine, both the clitoris with the stimulation of the G-spot. Use your imagination for this.

A good position to stimulate the G-spot is to put your butt up on a pillow and then put your legs on your shoulders. With this position, the man will be at an angle to penetrate and reach his G-spot. Imagine where the G-spot is and keep that point.

The position above is a great position that requires only a buoyancy. But the stimulation of the clitoris will be enough to bring it to a climax. The trick is to keep pressed the area of the stomach, just push it the lightest and firm hard.

Orgasm: 5 tips to make a woman reach orgasm #4 – Multiple Orgasms

Sometimes a woman is satisfied with just an orgasm. In other times, she may feel that she is only warming up after the first orgasm. You need to communicate with her and see how she feels about it. When a woman gets her first orgasm, it will be easier to bring her to orgasm the second and third time, and moreover, if you want. You just have to make sure you keep it turned on all the time.

After the first orgasm, your woman’s clitoris will probably be highly sensitive to touch, maybe too much. In that case, keep pushing, but much lighter, about a tenth of the intensity you gave for your first orgasm. Again, communication is central to all of this.

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