Not all anal is the same.   Here are some creative ways to approach your back door.

Anal sex is more often portrayed as a puppy-style affair, but the truth is that there are so many different ways of doing ass things.

Mix in these 12 positions!   And if you’re thinking about trying anal sex for the first time, get a bunch of lubricants.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 1 all hands in Pecs

Anal sex often leaves you looking away, so this position is great for people who want a sexy sight.

From the missionary position, have your partner go slowly.   Hold your chest to help guide your urges.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 2 The plug and play

If you are not a billion percent sure you want your partner to go all-in , start with a test.

Try a little clitoris through toy or hand while your partner tries an exploratory tour with a well lubricated anal plug .   If you want more, it is easy to move on to penetrant or strap-on evaluation input .

Your ass, your rules.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 3 The backboard

This position has the lowest incidence of suffering a sex-induced cramp if that is something that you are worried about.   Perfect for when you’re feeling lazy but also want to have anal sex, AKA Thursday.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 4 Anal will always love you

A more intimate view of the puppy style , stand in front of your partner and have them come in behind, keeping their bodies close, as if they were their “Bodyguards.”

So, for the big crescendo, throw your arms to the sides like the diva that you really are.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 5 Back Me Up

A kinky take on puppy style, and who does not love puppy style?

Always communicate the speed and depth with which you feel comfortable in this position, but they can help you relax and become aroused as you reach and around your clitoris.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 6 The Eccentric Cowgirl

Straddle your partner, cowgirl style and slowly ease your, er , saddle.   Then assemble them and enjoy yourself holding the reins.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 7 the low knight

Get more control over what’s going on back there with a hybrid doggy-spoon .

You can use your foot to go deeper or slow down if it gets too intense.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 8 T & Anal

Just because your rearguard is the center of attention does not mean that your front should be ignored.

Ask them to come into you in a spoon position, then use the upper hand to give your nipples or clit a little love.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 9 The Investment Estate

An advanced move for yogis and anal savvy sexperts .   Swing your legs over your shoulders and have them come in at an upward angle.

Pay for your cramp in the imminent legs: They can rub against the sensitive inner parts of your clitoris from here.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 10 The Doppelbanger

Get the physical benefits of double penetration without the possible emotional strangeness of having a trio using just one vibrator .

Hug a pillow between your legs to hold the vibrator or a rabbit-style vibe in place while your partner enters from behind.   Like this.   A lot of.   D.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 11 Seinclina on me

It sounds basic, but this position is not really for beginners.   You have little control over the speed and depth, and they will have difficulty reaching your clitoris to keep you excited.

Do this with a trusted partner with whom you communicate well to ensure that everyone feels supported.


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 12 If you’re still thinking about   episode   THAT   Girls .

Perhaps you have heard of rimming , also known as analingus , which is when a partner uses the tongue to stimulate someone’s anus.   But were you wanting to try, just to stop yourself from really going after this?

” Rimming can be a really incredible and intense experience,” he says.   Erika Lust   , the feminist and versatile erotic filmmaker.   “There is nothing coarse, abnormal or unsafe about it, if you do it right.

We are so ashamed about certain parts of the body, including our butt, but there is absolutely no reason for it.   Just relax and have fun.

“So, if you want to give your kidney jobs a try, now’s your chance!


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 1 3 The Edge Shot

Simple and basic positions work well for beginners.   Make yourself bathe, then the receiver rests with your knees bent toward your chest.

“This position still gives the partner easy access to the recipient’s breasts, clitoris – or with a male butt, access to the penis and testicle – for fun stimulation,” says  Kenneth Play   , sex coach and genius of sex hacks .

“If you want to use a barrier to your rimming but do not have a dental dam on hand, a quick sexual trick is to get a plastic wrap to use instead.”


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 14 The private tour

“A good place for beginners is to lie on their stomachs,” says Lust .   “Enjoy the anal play is often able to relax and this is one of the most comfortable positions for the receiver.

It can also help to put a pillow under the hips to slightly lift your butt.   In addition, you can always use your hands free to have fun at the same time. 


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 15 the deep sea diver

“It can be a very hot introduction to take a shower together and start practicing some rimming while you’re there,” says Lust .   “For beginners, I recommend doing a simple standing position.

The receiver can stand up, holding the wall if he needs it, and the other person can crouch behind them .   I recommend this to people who feel embarrassed or worried about not being hygienic or clean . “


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 16 The Bend and Tap

One person is on the floor and leans on the bed, the other kneels behind them.   Easy, sexy and ergonomic.

“Staying and bowing may seem more comfortable to some people, or may feel more exposed and vulnerable, which can be exciting.   It also lends itself well to sensual beatings, etc. ” Says the sex and relationship coach   Charlie Glickman   .

“Try at what distance you spread your legs to find the most comfortable spot.”


17 positions to increase your anal sexuality and a BONUS! # 17 The rainy trumpet

Some finger preliminaries for riming never hurt, right?

“I connect with some caresses and washes, then I do a little of my finger with soap and move in concentric circles toward the anus, making sure to get into the crevices and grooves around the entrance,” says Play.

“You can also move your finger a bit inside the actual hole.   I also sometimes make a little finger here too, which is great if you think you will move from anal penetration to anal penetration later. 

Improve hoop work   with something in front   – a waterproof toy, well directed shower or hand.


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