Simultaneous orgasms or orgasms at the same time is like ” catching guacota extra free on Chipotle “- you do not need it to enjoy the burrito , but it seems magical when it happens!

Yes, simultaneous orgasm always seems to happen, magically and effortlessly, in the movies, because the two people are soul mates, or whatever .

In reality, orgasm at the same time is neither necessary nor easy, but if you are decided as a single list , go ahead! If you get there, great.

If you do not, it’s fun to try anyway!

10 sexual positions if you are obsessed with simultaneous orgasms # 1 Mission Not-So-Impossible

Simultaneous orgasms. Sometimes the P-in- V sex is very   stimulant for PH, but not so much for V-Haver .

Even the field of play with a slow grind so that the movement is focused on your pubic bone rubbing against your vulva, instead of entering and exiting an impulse.

This has all the benefits of the missionary – the eye contact, the feeling of them over you and such – but the fact that they are only a little rubbing you makes a   huge difference.   Another thing that helps a lot?

A vibration of insertable couples or a vibrating penis ring!

10 sexual positions if you are obsessed with simultaneous orgasms # 2 The Guided Tour

Simultaneous orgasms. Even though many women are not the   P-in- V sex , it’s fun to try and come   with   P-in-V .   The difference is to bring your own extra stimulation to the party.

The easiest way to make this happen is to climb on a stool or bench, so you can use a toy without fumbling.   And make sure they both communicate.

If you have an orgasm while inside you, it can be incredible for both of you!

10 sexual positions if you are obsessed with simultaneous orgasms # 3 Buzzbuild

Simultaneous orgasms. “If you want to try to come at the same time, it’s much easier to try while you masturbate than to fake a specific position,” says Anne Hodder- Shipp   , ACS, multi-certified sex educator and sex worker .

“If you are with a partner and still not attached to the fluid, mutual masturbation is the safest form of sexual contact – you can not transmit an STI or get pregnant.” Lie down side by side facing each other, your hand with Lubricate and caress yourself.

Pay close attention to each other – sounds , expressions, breathing – to help synchronize with each other’s excitement.

“It’s incredibly intimate because there are few things more vulnerable than feeling pleasure alone in front of someone you’re connected to,” says Hodder-Shipp .

10 sexual positions if you are obsessed with simultaneous orgasms # 4 The Variable Time

Simultaneous orgasms. If your partner comes very quickly and / or needs a lot more time, try a thicker condom (look for words like “extended pleasure”   ) .

You can even put a lot of   desensitizing gel   which is safe to use with a condom inside.   Add one   vibrator   wand type   for powerful stimulation and easy reach for them.

10 sexual positions if you are obsessed with simultaneous orgasms # 5 The Turtle and the Look

Simultaneous orgasms. If it takes longer than your partner to get in, go ahead and start it yourself. Take to your bed and enjoy any lonely love that takes you   to a point of no return.

When you are more than ready, invite them and attack them.   If they are on the way, send a text to say exactly what they are missing;   if they are in the other room, make some noise so they can better imagine what you are doing there.

Good if you’re half inhibited because once you get to a certain point, you no longer give AF .

These will lead you to some sexual highs, for sure!

Simultaneous orgasms. Cannabis- based topics will not leave your junk loud, but they can   do magic things for your pleasure, such as increasing blood flow to important parts of the body, relaxing your muscles and increasing your arousal.

What, yay !   But is it affordable?   THC topics are legal only in medical and adult use states such as California and Colorado, but hemp-derived CBD products are available in all 50. We ask some experts how to start the party.

10 sexual positions if you are obsessed with simultaneous orgasms # 6 the cannabis cowgirl

Be cooler on cowgirl with hot oil CBD . “Slowly lie back on your partner’s legs, holding them inside you and encouraging them to warm up some topical aphrodisiac oil at your fingertips to gently apply on the nipples down to the clitoris,” says Chelsea Hamilton, co-founder and sales director of Simple Jane.

“The quality of oil heating will increase the excitation and blood flow to these sensitive areas as the CBD works to relieve tension and improve the experience.”

10 sexual positions if you are obsessed with simultaneous orgasms # 7 Blunt orgasm

Simultaneous orgasms. The biggest and most elusive orgasm for many women is what we call the G-spot, but it’s really the female prostate, ” says Kiana Reeves, director of communication at Foria   .

What to do?   Sexual massage!   Ask your partner to rub a little   massage oil intimate   Awaken   on the lips, on the clitoris and inside the vagina.

“When you use it with you or a partner, take the time to massage and allow it to absorb – 15 to 20 minutes – because that is what will improve your sensations and your ability to pleasure,” says Reeves.

Just lie down and enjoy while your partner wraps a finger or two and massages the top wall of the vagina, adding extra stimulation of the clitoris if you are feeling it.

“The more gentle and continuous the touch is, the more sensations are improved,” adds Reeves.

10 sexual positions if you are obsessed with simultaneous orgasms # 8 The Stoned ‘n’ Boned

Simultaneous orgasms. Cannabis products do not make a ton for penis lovers, but they can make it easier for anal – give or take. Enter a suppository Foria Explore   anal and insert an anal plug .

“Hugs, kisses and feels an affectionate touch for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove the plug ana l” says Ashley Manta, sex and relationship coach   Canna Sexual.

“Using too much lubricant, breathe deeply and intentionally relax your body.   Super slow, the receiver lowers over the penetrating partner.   If it hurts, something is wrong.

Slow down and warm up or stop completely. “The receiver controls the rhythm and depth of penetration, while the suppository increases the sensation of pleasure and reduces discomfort without hindering.

(Note: “The oil degrades the latex, so use a latex-free barrier like nitrile or polyurethane for the sake of safe sex,” warns Manta.)

10 sexual positions if you are obsessed with simultaneous orgasms # 9 The slippery spoon

Simultaneous orgasms. Turn a morning caress into something more serious with Oil   Intense   Night Moves   , recommended by   cannabis   , recommends fuck Cyo Nystrom , CEO and co-founder of   QuimRock   .

“Wait for this to kick, then slip into the small spoon position.” You will feel the vasodilatory effects that increase blood flow to the sex organs, natural lubrication and sensation, she says.

“What starts as a snesh snuggle can quickly turn into a morning race with many other positions. ”

10 sexual positions if you are obsessed with simultaneous orgasms # 10 The release of Insomniac

Simultaneous orgasms. Can not sleep, but do not want to wake up your partner? Go to another pornography room and a sleep inducing orgasm, Nystrom recommends .

“I’ve been here for a long time, not too long, so I apply our quick action with marijuana infusion Oh Yes!

Safe Latex Serum,   despite the fact that no condoms will be needed for an individual session , “she says.

“Oh yes!   it takes 3 to 7 minutes to get started, which gives me enough time to rummage through some shocking videos that are not my cup of tea before I find something that does the trick.

I hope my faithful   vibrator LELO   do not run out of battery because there is nothing worse than getting ** almost there ** to have your companion flatline . “Preach.


10 sexual positions if you are obsessed with simultaneous orgasms # 11 EXTRA BONUS !!

Simultaneous orgasms. The most complete solution is in Virontil products

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