If you had a wonderful night, but are feeling pain in your legs, spine, and feel exhausted? This means that your fitness is not good for greater physical exertion such as a sexual relationship.

The sexual act is a great physical effort and requires muscles more than they are used to. According to experts, exercise is critical to help with sex. In addition to losing weight and taking more self-esteem, the person increases their fitness and can improve their sexual performance.

Physical resistance

To get your breath and hold on much longer in sexual intercourse, you need to have a healthy life and practice aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, or even swimming. The most sexually active people report that your fitness is what determines how long you will last during the sexual act.

When the body is accustomed to physical activity, it can protect even the heart from the overload that occurs in sex. Therefore, it is essential to have a frequency of exercise in your routine to prolong the pleasure during the relationship.

Strengthened muscles

The positions that women get during sex usually require a lot of leg strength and if she doesn’t have a physical preparation for it, the other day these limbs can hurt for many days.

One tip that experts recommend is that women practice simple exercise, squats and pompousness. Because it works the quadriceps, the gluteus, the woman’s thigh, and the woman’s pelvic musculature. That is, these exercises help a lot to make the relationship much more enjoyable.

And for men, the tip is to make your arms stronger to fully support the relationship. Experts recommend using traditional bench presses to keep your arms always fit and resilient. You also have to be careful to work out your arms without injury, so help from a professional is important.

Abdominal is excellent for sexual activity

Men and women need to have a spotted abdomen to have resistance during sex. The secret is to exercise daily four types of exercises that work this part of the body.

Lumbar spine strengthening and stretching

These are very requested in sexual activity and strengthening these muscles is very important for improving sexual performance. Also, if you have these muscles strengthened, you will hardly have back pain the day after the relationship.

Physical educators recommend exercises such as spinal and hip extension and flexion, lateral trunk inclination exercises and many sit-ups a day to keep the body tough and healthy.

Stretching to the spine and legs in the back of the thigh improves joints and prevents injury during intercourse. Lessons such as yoga and pilates stimulate stretching specifically and responsibly. This is a good tip for anyone who wants to get their body ready for sexual activities.

For women, the exercise of hip strengthening is interesting. Using a ball, called a Swiss ball, women can sit and circle their hips clockwise and counterclockwise. This causes the person to project the pelvis back and forth, contributing to better performance at sex time.

Take care of your inner health

For both women and men, having a dirty or smelly inner part is a bad sign, right? It is important to properly cleanse the penis and vagina so that they are always clean and arouse the desire.

Certainly the fragrant intimate part arouses much more desire than the opposite. Condom use is also critical to prevent sexually transmitted diseases that may prevent future sex.

To monitor your health, it is important to have blood tests periodically to check and maintain controlled hormone rates to prevent health-damaging imbalances.

It is essential to avoid habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and physical inactivity, for example. They damage the heart system and can reflect directly on your sexual functions.

Healthy eating

Everything you eat will influence your sexual health. Lacking nutrients and poor neurotransmitter production of pleasure and well-being causes your sexual performance to fertility to be impaired. Therefore, for men for example, there are foods that help in erection.

Peanuts, eggs, and spices such as pepper and cinnamon benefit blood circulation and improve erection. Peanut vitamin B3 improves circulation in the sexual region, while vitamin E in the egg increases libido and sexual appetite. Fatty foods, however, raise cholesterol and can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Curvature of your penis

There are problems in penile curvature such as congenital and Peyronie’s disease, they affect the sexual performance of men because it can bring erection problems, penetration difficulties and can disturb the partner (o). This is why it is very important to pay attention to the health of your penis to achieve a healthy sex life.

To be well psychologically

It does not matter to be well in the physical aspects, in the health part and in the psychological one to be weakened. The mental part is key to keeping your body healthy and improving your sexual pleasure. This is why it is essential to know your own body, sleep well at bedtime, understand all your desires to maintain your well-being and thus increase your erection and performance in sex.

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