It is possible to increase sex drive and have more pleasure in sex through simple sexual therapy tips and a natural supplement. Traditionally, sexual therapy focuses on sexual intercourse and orgasm. The new mantra for healthy sex is desire, pleasure, and satisfaction. Concentrating exclusively on sexual intercourse and orgasm deviates from the best sexual experiences. Couples who developed a satisfying sexuality increase desire, share pleasure, savor eroticism, and feel satisfied.

Healthy couples stimulate sexual desire as the central element of their sexuality. The important factor is that each person anticipates and deserves a satisfying sexuality and accepts that there are a number of ways to connect physically and emotionally, a variety of bridges for desire and a variety of dimensions and meanings for the sexual experience. That is why we will learn how to increase sexual desire now.

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How to have more sex drive and pleasure naturally #1 – Increase pleasure by being open and flexible

For women, it is their passion that increases their desire and man discovers that it is their openness to a variety of sexual and sensual experiences that increase the frequency and intensity of sexuality as a couple. The man’s obsessive focus on the frequency and orgasm of sexual intercourse and the main focus of the woman on intimacy and sensuality created an unnecessary power struggle.

In reality, individuals and couples are different from cultural gender stereotypes. Many women enjoy spontaneous and passionate sexual encounters. We were surprised by the number of women who value the excitement scenarios of promulgating roles that focus on eroticism and intimacy. In the same way, the number of men who like to share a hot tub is amazing. Between a couple, there is greater desire, pleasure, and satisfaction when there are greater openness and flexibility in gender roles.

How to have more sex drive and pleasure naturally #2 – Exercise: Find your desire, pleasure and satisfaction style

You can implement a desire, pleasure and satisfaction approach that brings the best in you as a person and as a couple. The essence of desire is a positive anticipation and feel that you deserve pleasure in your relationship. Identify at least two and even five ways to facilitate the desire and share all but one with your partner. (It’s good to keep a little mystery in your sex life.) The core of sexuality is giving and receiving a pleasure-oriented touch.

How to have more sex drive and pleasure naturally #3 – Full satisfaction

Satisfaction includes openness to orgasm, but it is much more than orgasm. To make it personal and concrete, we encourage you to share your favorite sex scene with your partner. What are the emotional and physical experiences that allow you to feel especially close to or energized after a sexual encounter?

How to have more sex drive and pleasure naturally #4 – A New Mantra

The new sexual model of desire, pleasure, and satisfaction is a resource for establishing a strong and resilient sexual style. Sex and orgasm are integral components of couple sexuality, but their sexuality is not a hostage to sexual performance. Individual and couple sexuality has room to breathe, grow and be flexible when you are open to a myriad of ways to create and nurture desire, emphasizing sexuality as a pleasure sharing and having fun emotionally and sexually.

These experiences can improve emotional and sexual satisfaction. Satisfaction is not tied to orgasm; It is not lost if the orgasm does not occur during a sensual, playful or erotic encounter. Think only of the performance and aim to only orgasm, can limit sex. Enjoy the many pleasures and satisfaction of the touch, the sensuality, the pleasure and the eroticism that facilitate, but do not depend on the sexual relation.

How to have more sex drive and pleasure naturally #5 – Natural remedy to increase sexual desire


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