Many couples wish to have children but encounter a very common problem which is male infertility. According to research by the Danish endocrinologist Niels Skakkebaek, men’s sperm counts in the United States and twenty other countries fell dramatically over the past half-century – up to 50 percent. But how to solve this problem naturally? This is what we will analyze in this article.

Male Infertility – How many sperm a man need? How to increase sperm count? #1 – Causes of Infertility

The cause of this precipitous decline is still being debated, and possible culprits range from very tight underwear to chemical pollutants. In reporting the environmental dangers that seem at least partly to the guilty, University of Florida researcher Louis Guillette told a panel of US congressmen: “Every man in this room is half the man his grandfathers were.”

Low sperm count is an important reason why couples find it difficult to conceive a child. Given the decline in sperm count, it may not be surprising that infertility is a growing problem all over the world. The World Health Organization reported that one in ten couples are unintentionally infertile.

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Male Infertility – How many sperm a man need? How to increase sperm count? #2 – Diagnosis

It is worth mentioning that infertility is a vague and imprecise diagnosis which, as impotence tends to stigmatize. More to the point, this diagnosis of infertility is done simply after a certain amount of time spent (usually a year of unprotected sex) without conception.

According to a medical textbook, “Pregnancy is the only irrefutable proof of sperm’s ability to fertilize.” You are diagnosed as infertile until you conceive. In other words, you are guilty until being innocent! This means that even if you have a low sperm count, you may still be able to conceive a child.

Male Infertility – How many sperm a man need? How to increase sperm count? #3 – Exercises

If you have a low sperm count, you will be relieved to know that there are Sexual Kung Fu exercises that you can use to help increase sperm count. You can focus on sex without ejaculation. This is the most important thing you can do to increase the volume, concentration, and counting of your sperm.

According to Western medical research, each day that you do not ejaculate, you increase your sperm count from 50 to 90 million sperm. In addition, you can help your testicles produce more by massaging them. You can also wear loose pants.

Male Infertility – How many sperm a man need? How to increase sperm count? #4 – Massage

  1. Rub your hands to warm them.
  2. Hold a testicle between the thumb and fingers of each hand. (Your testicles should feel like little balls between your fingers.)
  3. Firmly but gently, massage your testicles with your thumbs and fingers for a minute or two. If your testicles hurt or become tender, rub more gently, until the pain goes away. The pain is caused by a blockage, and the massage will help bring blood and sexual energy into the area, which will disperse any blockage.
  4. Hold the penis until exposing the testicles and tap on them with the longest finger for a minute or two.
  5. Finally, hold your penis and your scrotum with your thumb and forefinger.
  6. Lightly pull your penis and scrotum forward with your hand. In sequence, repeat the process by pulling to the right side with one hand and to the left side with the pelvic floor muscles. Then pull to the left with your hand and to the right with your pelvic muscles.
  7. Finish pulling the hand down and the pelvic muscles up. Do this exercise as many times as you can. It will keep the ducts that carry your healthy sperm.

Male Infertility – How many sperm a man need? How to increase sperm count? #5 – Natural Supplement to Increase Sperm Count


In addition to the correct breathing, to reach the goal more quickly, the best alternative is to make use of natural supplements. But amidst so many suspicious advertisements and websites, how do you know which supplement will really help? The best thing to do is choose a site that is safe and most importantly, the ingredients are natural.

Therefore, we indicate the products of the site Virectil, more specifically the SpermaxX Duo Pack, click here for more information. It is indicated for sperm augmentation. It is a 100% natural supplement that besides increasing the volume of sperm, also increases the time of ejaculation.

However, the main one is: It promotes an improvement in your sexual performance and promotes an increase in resistance paving the way for multiple sexual experiences.

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