Here’s an interesting fact about how to get a girlfriend: Every day you go through at least one beautiful woman who would consider being naked with you. And experts say most women – beautiful or not – decide whether they’d like to be with you between 90 seconds and four minutes after meeting you.

However, there are now more single men and women than ever before. So, what is happening? Well, for one thing, you give the wrong signals most of the time. So you will learn in this article how you can send some quiet signals to her.

See this as your shortest interview of all time: you have a few minutes to convince a woman that she should consider you for the work of lover.

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How to satisfy a woman with some simple tips

How to get a girlfriend giving some signs #1 – Work Your Body

Believe it or not, a woman will try to size what is in your pants the same way you will check her breasts when you first see her. To assess this, researchers have done a program on sexual attraction and filmed people walking down the street.

When a woman passed by a man, she would look at his face, then down between his legs, just as a man looked at a woman’s breasts and then at her hips. Most women had no idea they did it. What is she looking for? A package of reasonable size, of course! Size matters; So to make sure she knows you’re fit, wear the right pants and give her something to look at.

How to get a girlfriend giving some signs #2 – And if there is not much to show

If you are not convinced that your package is large enough, do not worry, there are many other ways you can use your body to attract a woman. The way you behave, for example, will tell you what you will be in bed.

One foot after another says you’re a little shy or nervous; A position with legs open, says that you are feeling very free; And so on. The best thing to do is to breathe deeply, then exhale, and let your shoulders naturally fall back and down and your chest will fill; Lift your chin a little so you look confident and open; And put only one hand in a pocket.

How to get a girlfriend giving some signs #3 – Smile

So you set up a date with someone you would like to get to know better, and you want to show her that you are interested, so you smile. That first smile is like the kick-off in a football game: it sets the tone for the rest of the game.

Make sure your message is clear. Social anthropologist Helen Fisher has studied sexual attraction in different cultures around the world, and the smile of the teeth, along with raised eyebrows, is a universally recognized sign of sexual interest.

How to get a girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend giving some signs #4 – What to do with your hands

If the woman you like is a colleague or a friend of a friend, there are other nonverbal ways for you to conquer her. To begin with, have a good handshake. Firmness is a good start; By far the worst handshake is one in which your hand is weak and damp.

And even if she does not touch your hands, she will notice your nails. If you chew them if they are dirty, and everything else. This is largely due to a subconscious evaluation of your hygiene: your fingers will be touching in places where the germs and bacteria are easily transferred.

Where you put your hands is also a great way to give a quiet signal to her. If you have large biceps, let your hand move over them; And touching the back of your neck is always a winner.

Raising the arm to touch the back of the neck with your hand does two things. First, it gives her a better chance of capturing her personal scent. Second, it reveals a sensitive part of your body, your wrists.

How to get a girlfriend giving some signs #5 – You Smell Good!

Each of us has a genetic “smell“. When you lean forward or lift your arm (to touch the back of your head), you unconsciously let it smell.

In an Austrian study, women received t-shirts that had been worn by a number of men. Pictures of the owners of the T-shirts were shown and he was asked to sniff each shirt while simultaneously looking at the owner’s photo. This was repeated several times, but the women received a different combination of shirts and photos each time.

When women were asked which combination of T-shirts they preferred, each woman chose the same T-shirt that had been chosen previously, regardless of the photograph that had been shown. The smell on the shirts made the women see a more attractive man regardless of their appearance.

The attraction to a particular male scent is peculiar to every woman. This “perfume code” prevents us from sleeping with people with whom we are intimately related. It also helps us choose companions who will give the best chance of healthy children.

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