If you want to use a sex stimulant that works, invest in the kiss. Kissing is a language of its own – it has grammar and punctuation, and some people are better at using it to their advantage than others. When kissing, like language, your “phrases” should never be so long that you are out of breath.

Just like using words to express yourself, kissing can also say a thousand things. Things like: hello, goodbye, I love you, I want you, and so on. Kissing is the key to convincing any woman to go to bed with you, to love you and choose you as your partner.

Why should you kiss? The moment your lips meet hers, several decisions are made: does she go to your house or to bed with you? Is she going to see you again? Is she going to fall in love with you? To understand why, keep reading.

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5 Tips to use kiss as a sex stimulant #1 – Chemical Reactions

The chemical reaction in your body is intense, and it’s all because your body is preparing for sex. A simple kiss not only requires 20 muscles to coordinate, but also the process triggers a chain of other reactions in your body.

The hypothalamus in your brain activates neurons; The pituitary gland secretes hormones to direct the ovaries and testicles; And a release of dopamine, endorphins, and phenylethylamine is triggered, and attaches to receptors of pleasure in the brain, giving it a dizzying sense of euphoria.

This, in turn, increases your heart rate and speeds up the breakdown of glycogen in the muscles and liver to help provide you with energy for the coming sex.

5 Tips to use kiss as a sex stimulant #2 – How Do You Know She Likes You?

The girl can not help it. Looking at someone’s mouth when you are drawn to it is instinctive, and most people do it without even realizing it. Although we also look at the mouths of friends when they speak, but, we do it less often.

The practical thing about this is that when you lean in to kiss her, she is prepared because she is focused on your lips anyway.

5 Tips to use kiss as a sex stimulant #3 – Kissing Someone New

When you kiss someone new, your body releases dopamine and norepinephrine, two natural stimulants that give you that feeling of good haste. Over the months, as you get used to kissing the person, your body does not release the same amount and so it does not become so exciting.

But by making the effort to kiss, you are still creating a whirl of activity in your body. Kissing stimulates the brain. There are a large number of receptors dedicated to capturing the sensations of the lips. And it’s this extrasensitivity that makes kissing something so wonderful.

5 Tips to use kiss as a sex stimulant #4 – Bad Kisses

A bad kiss closes the curtains in a relationship faster than anything. But a bad kiss does not necessarily mean bad technique. Of course, if you crush your face against hers, grind your teeth against your lips, and drool on her, she may be wondering how long it will take to teach you how to properly do this.

But even so, she may think that your kiss is what she’s looking for. Because? It’s all about chemistry. Women can smell if they find a man attractive or not. This effect is due to your subconscious desire to mate with a suitable male.

And that’s the information she gets from her scent. If it is different enough from her, she will find you attractive. So what can you do about it? Not much. But you can ease your worries if a woman does not return your calls after the first kiss by telling herself that she did not have the right genes for you anyway.

5 Tips to use kiss as a sex stimulant #5 – Kissing + Natural Supplement = Lots of power in bed


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