If you suffer from premature ejaculation and want to last longer in bed, you need to learn to control your sexual arousal. There are a number of quick solutions that promise to help men heal premature ejaculation and last longer during sex.

But if you can not control your excitement early on, then, regardless of the product or technique you are using, you will not be able to last very long. Once you get overly excited, the game ends almost as soon as it starts!

So how can you control your arousal?

Premature ejaculation? Learn to Control Your Ejaculation #1 – Get Familiar with Your Excitement Reactions

In men, there is a “point of no return” during sex. That is, when a man’s arousal levels are extremely high, ejaculation becomes imminent and inevitable. The speed with which a man reaches this inflection point depends on how he controls his arousal at the beginning of sex.

You see, most men who do not have experience in sex simply let their arousal rule their heads and do not control their stimulation until it’s too late. You must understand that you can not wait until you reach the point of no return to act, or in most cases, to completely stop all actions and be quiet, waiting for the sensation to subside.

To fully control your ejaculation, you need to know how to keep your arousal levels going ALL the time – until the moment you choose to come to an end.

Premature ejaculation? Learn to Control Your Ejaculation #2 – Simple Technique

Here is a simple technique you can use … All you need to do is mentally establish a “pleasure scale” from one to ten. 1 ‘on the pleasure scale’ is when sex begins and you are not stimulated in any way. ’10’ – as you probably guessed, represents your ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation? Learn to Control Your Ejaculation #3 – What to Do with the Pleasure Scale

Here’s what you do:

1. Keep the pleasure scale in mind as soon as sex begins;
2. At any time, be aware of where you are on the pleasure scale. This will allow you to keep track.
3. When you reach about “6” on the scale, how long have you engaged in sex? Just a few minutes? If so, go to scale 4. If you have already lasted several minutes, continue with what you are doing.
4. Before reaching ‘7’ or ‘8’ on the scale, do something to reduce the level of excitement. This could mean switching to another less stimulating sexual position, varying the depth of penetration, or simply slowing your jerk. This will help repel your level of excitement and help you last longer.

Premature ejaculation? Learn to Control Your Ejaculation #4 – The Key

The key is to always keep 2 to 3 steps before stage 10 – the “no return point” until you decide to reach the climax. This will dramatically improve your sexual stamina without flaws.

Many people try to control their breathing, but they are simply doing it WRONG. This can actually boost your anxiety levels and push you to the edge of ejaculation even faster. Many men do not know how to “breathe properly” during sex and end up leading their bodies to ejaculation too soon.

So keep the pattern of your natural breathing. Do not consciously force your breathing to be regular. Forced breathing actually increases your sexual anxiety and makes your body tense – a safe way to ejaculate quickly.

Premature ejaculation? Learn to Control Your Ejaculation #5 – Natural Supplement to Eliminate Premature Ejaculation



Through of Retard Spray, you will be able to hold ejaculation longer. The Retard Spray is the ideal solution for those suffering from premature ejaculation. Because it provides a mild anesthetic effect temporarily reduce the excess sensitivity of the penis head.

Applied before sex. The spray will help you to delay the phase of ejaculation and prolong their intimate moments. Leaving you more relaxed and with full control over your ejaculation. Which will cause the sex more enjoyable and you can give more time to satisfy your partner.

This product is a male retardant for external use. All you need to do is spray one or two doses of Retard Spray on the entire penis area. You may need massaging to improve absorption.

Retard Spray will make their sexual relationships more intense and last longer without fear of ending soon. By delaying ejaculation, men are able to continue to provide more sex. That is essential for most women reach the orgasm. To purchase or learn more information, click here.

With these basic tips right in your hand, you will be ready to control the time to ejaculate and avoid premature ejaculation. But we have other articles that can also be useful.

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