At every age – childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, middle age, old age – their experiences and learnings are a continuing challenge to their sexual health. Whether it be useful or difficult experiences, learn to value them as contributions to being a sexual man.

A good number of men in their 50s and 60s will say that they feel more confident, proud and satisfied with their sexuality as they get older. When you maintain reasonably good physical health, sex has its own positive qualities, regardless of your age.

You gain wisdom, understanding, and acceptance that may not be age appropriate for younger men. Appreciate your masculinity and your sexuality at all the ages of your life.

Tips to Keep Your Sexuality Healthy Through Life #1 – 20 and 30 Years

Many of the concerns of his teenage years probably continued into young adulthood. You may worry about normalcy in a sexual relationship, including how often you are sexual, your sexual abilities, how to sexually satisfy your partner, the normality of your sexual fantasies, and how to handle disappointment with your sexual function (such as premature ejaculation).

Healthy male sexuality involves recognizing, at least for yourself, the multiple concerns you may have, consciously resisting the mythical message that men should have no doubts or concerns and pursue the integration of sexuality into their real life.

Tips for maintaining healthy sexuality throughout life #2 – 40 and 50 years

In their 40s and 50s, concerns often focus on physical changes and what they mean by sex. With middle-age maturity, questions often arise about his career, the meaning of life, and the deeper integration of his sexuality into his intimate relationship.

The awareness that your life may be half-finished and questions of purpose are common. At the same time, your physical body is maturing and concerns about sexual function can be accentuated by common medical problems that can arise, such as high blood pressure, weight gain or cardiovascular problems. Such concerns may raise questions and concerns about the decline in health and sexuality.

There are small, typical changes in sexual functioning as men age. Your spouse may also be experiencing similar problems, including menopause, changes in body image and sexual doubts.

Tips for keeping your sexuality healthy throughout life #3 – 60 years and beyond

In the 60s and beyond, medical problems become commonplace, and their effect on sexual functioning can become a major concern. Adapting to health and its treatments, such as the side effects of medications that alter sexual functioning, are common.

Concerns about your partner’s physical and sexual health are also common. With acceptance and flexibility, physical limitations with aging are challenges that may facilitate the deepening of intimacy. Pleasure and sexual satisfaction can characterize all ages and all phases of life.

Tips to keep your sexuality healthy throughout life #4 – Take a flexible approach

From the point of view of normal development and aging, consider how to integrate this knowledge into your sexual health as an older man. Not only are children and adolescents sexual, but there is sex after college, and there is sex after 60 years. You have been a sexual man from the day you were born until the day you died. You can enjoy sexuality all your life.

Do not fall into the trap of believing that sex is not possible in your 60s, 70s, and 80s. The key is to adopt a broad, flexible and variable approach to male and male sexuality. Our mantra of intimacy, pleasure, churning, and fulfillment is embodied in the aging process. Men who cling to the rigid traditional performance-oriented sexual role often cease to be sexual at age 50 or 60. But you can continue to enjoy sexuality until you’re 80 or older.

Tips for maintaining healthy sexuality throughout life #5 – Natural aphrodisiac



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