It is often culturally disclosed that old age sex is not possible and that a real man is totally sexually confident and acts with regularity and predictability only in his 20s.

Old age sex is possible! You may see these tips #1 – Misbelief

Other, more sophisticated men realize that sex is different in their 60s and still enjoy sex, but they are disappointed and believe they need to settle for second-class sexuality. We believe the exact opposite.

Sex after age 60 is more genuine and human, more an intimate and interactive experience. You need each other in a way you did not need in your 20s. Although sex is less predictable and controllable, in many ways it is more affective, engaging, and rewarding. For individual and relationship satisfaction, it is a first-class experience.

Old age sex is possible! You may see these tips #2 – What women find

Many women surprise their partners by saying that they like sex more in seniors than they were 30 years ago. A woman likes the fact that you need stimulation for arousal and orgasm. Giving and receiving sex can be a powerful aphrodisiac for you and for her. A wise man learns to ride his excitement.

In most of your sex life, the excitement of a man is easier, faster, and more predictable than a woman’s. Now you can take advantage of this feature enhancement. It is the perfect example of being close and interactive friends.

You need each other and you can have more fun as pleasure and eroticism develop more slowly. This process, which involves more genital stimulation (especially penile), can be particularly pleasing.

Old age sex is possible! You may see these tips #3 – Under 35 years old

Men under 35 enjoy getting penile stimulation, but only when they are already aroused. Being receptive and sensitive to penile touch as a way to develop and enhance arousal is a new experience for most men. The healthy approach is to accept and enjoy this variable, flexible sexual response.

This includes accepting creative and sometimes unpredictable sexual scenarios. One common mistake that aging men commit is to jump into developing erection so they can insert themselves before losing the erection.

This is tantamount to the “stripping races” of younger men who are afraid of premature ejaculation, having sex as quickly as possible to make sure they ejaculate inside the woman.

Old age sex is possible! You may see these tips #4 – Wisdom

As men mature and become sexually wiser, they find that sexual response and control are based on relaxation, slowing the pleasure / erotic process and learning to understand their body, and sexual response enhances psychosexual abilities. Men over 60 learn to accept and improve the sexual response of the body.

Instead of trying to initiate intercourse when you can, the sexual technique is to make the transition to sexual intercourse when you should. Excitement is conceptualized on a 10-point scale, where 5 is the initial level of arousal signaled by the onset of an erection, 7 is higher arousal with a firm erection, 9 are high levels of erotic flow, and 10 its orgasm.

Instead of making the transition to sexual intercourse at level 5, we suggest the transition at level 7 or 8. The strategy that many couples use is for a woman to decide when to start intercourse and to guide meddling. This prevents you from playing the role of viewer and allows you to fully engage in the process of giving and receiving a pleasurable and erotic touch.

Old age sex is possible! You may see these tips #5 – Extra Help


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