Male impotence can be easily treated. The problem is even easier to treat when you understand how an erection works.

Male Impotence – How to Improve Erection #1 – Complex Event

An erection is a much more complex and surprising event than the more common nicknames attach to it. In fact, a more appropriate nickname would be: a rocket. While getting an erection is not rocket science, many complex systems must work together for a successful launch. All the elements of a rocket – super strong materials, hydraulic lines, fuel, circuit and even mission control – exist, to a certain extent, inside your penis.

Male Impotence – How to Improve Erection #2 – Materials

Let’s start with the super-strong materials. The penis is essentially composed of three cylinders. Two of the cylinders are located side by side. They are the ones that make up the shaft of the penis during an erection and fill with blood. The third cylinder is situated just below the first two and is where the urethra (canal of the pee) passes and gives rise to the head of the penis (also known as glans).

Axis cylinders, also called cavernous bodies (in Latin, of “bodies filled with hollow spaces”) are surrounded by one of the strongest and most flexible tissues in the body; called tunic (Latin for “long shirt and sleeveless as a tunic, very elegant in ancient Rome); albuginea (as in albino, or “white”).

Male Impotence – How to Improve Erection #3 – Pumping

This special fabric has the incredible property of allowing your penis to expand like a balloon, but also to become hard as steel. These cylinders fill with blood, not air, and as they fill, they stretch and expand from two to five times the original volume. When they expand everything they can, they get more and more rigid, like a tire under pressure.

The veins that drain blood out of the penis travel through the walls of the shaft’s cylinders. But as the cylinders expand under pressure, they compress the veins, trapping the blood in the erect penis. The pressure inside the shaft rises more than blood pressure in the rest of the body, and additional blood can no longer be pumped into the penis.

But it gets even more intense. At the base of all three cylinders are special muscles (ischiocavernosus muscles) that envelop and squeeze. When these muscles are squeezing, this pressure increases, even more, giving you the pulsating love bomb that you know and love.

Male Impotence – How To Improve Erection #4 – The Magic

So what makes the shaft of the penis so hard? The special material that lines the cylinders, the tunica albuginea, has a unique structure throughout the body. At the microscopic level, we can see that it is made of collagen fibers, the same tissue that gives our skin, blood vessels and tendons its strength and integrity. But unlike these structures, collagen is specially arranged in wavy bundles that surround the cylinders.

This circular layer is surrounded by another layer or two of long and straight collagen, traversing them longitudinally along the cylinders. All these collagen fibers are entwined with about 5% elastic fibers too, like the waistband of your underwear. The end result is the more force elasticity that leads to stretching and then stiffness with noticeable hardness. The fully pumped penis does not bend or buckle at the speed of compaction.

The lining of the third cylinder, the spongy tunic, which contains the urethra and is surmounted by the head of the penis (glans), does not have the same arrangement of collagen in several layers. It stretches but does not become rigid as the axis. Good, or you could not pee horny. It is already difficult to pee when you are “standing up”, trying not to hit the lifted toilet lid. Imagine if you could not pee! Now it’s true that it’s hard to pee right after sex, but that’s a different problem.

Male Impotence – How To Improve Erection #5 – Natural Remedy For Erection



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