Male impotence is a problem for a part of men around the world. Understanding your partner and your sexuality is an essential ingredient for achieving sexual satisfaction in a relationship. Sometimes their knowledge of male sexuality is limited to the popular myths, or to the preconceived and often distorted explanations provided by their partners. That is why we will see here the things you need to know to handle and deal with the problem.

Male Impotence – How to Eliminate the Problem #1 – Men and Women are Different

When women are frustrated, for example, they may find relief in tears; men tend to go back to rage. When women encounter conflicts, they want to talk to find a solution; men resort to arrogance. Women can embrace; men are satisfied with a handshake.

Obviously, these examples are stereotyped and admittedly unfair. But there is enough truth here to highlight something we all know: men are really different, not superior or inferior, but different from women.

Male impotence – How to eliminate the problem #2 – Why is it important to bore the sexuality of men?

Understanding men and their sexuality are therefore important because it can help women to love them better, to live with them and be sexual with them. Since that is a site about improving sex, we will restrict our approach to the sexual behavior of men. We will see how their bodies react to sexual arousal and how their sexual capacity is affected by worry, illness, and age.

Male Impotence – How to Eliminate the Problem #3 – Sexual Response

For women, it is easier to understand the male sexual response by dividing it into the phases of desire, excitement, and orgasm.

The desire phase of the male sexual response precedes erection and orgasm. Simply put: to have sex, normally the man needs sex. To have the sexual desire is to respond to sexual signals – “stay with desire” is equivalent jargon.

Both women and men are able to have strong sexual urges. If there is a gender difference when it comes to sexual interest. It is not that biology makes men want sex more than women. Because our culture perpetuates different conditions for women and men to behave.

Male Impotence – How to Eliminate the Problem #4 – Sexual Desire

As is the case with most natural body functions, the excitement process seems simple and straightforward, but in reality, it is quite complex and susceptible to a wide variety of things that can go wrong.

There is a network of small, smooth muscles in body bodies that, when the penis is soft, are in a natural state of contraction. Blood enters the body through the arteries that run through the center of the tubes. The blood nourishes the penile tissue and flows back into the trunk through a series of veins located just below the wrapper of the penis, the tunica albuginea.

When a man becomes sexually aroused, impulses are sent by the parasympathetic nerve fibers of the penis, which trigger the release of cyclic GMP, a chemical that relaxes smooth muscles. As these muscles relax, they form pouches and blood enters quickly.

The spongy tissue expands as these new spaces filled with blood, and the robe begins to stretch. When the body bodies are pushed against the tunic, it tightens the veins that come out. The pressure builds up in the penis while the blood flows, but can only drain back because the veins are compressed. As a result, the man has a rigid erection.

For this process to work, blood vessels and nerve endings must function without failures. If the arteries are blocked, the blood will not flow fast enough to create the pressure needed for an erection. If the veins leak, the penis will initially inflate, but, like inflating a tire with a needle hole, will continue to empty.

Male Impotence – How to Eliminate the Problem #5 – How to Eliminate Impotence



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