The best advice on how to maintain a relationship I can give to men is to go slow. Men need to spend more time kissing the woman and touching her before getting close to her genitals.

How To Maintain A Relationship With These 5 Tips #1 – Men Need To Know

If necessary, have a clock in the room as a guide. Of course, do not make it clear that you are timing yourself. It’s just a help. The reason for this exercise is to illustrate that the time elapsed during sex generally seems much slower for the man than the actual elapsed time. While he is kissing her, it may seem like 5 minutes have passed, when in fact, it will usually be much less time. Here’s a great way to see:

How To Maintain A Relationship With These 5 Tips #2 – Looking Better

If a man and a woman were seated at a table enjoying some ice cream, the man would usually end the ice cream very quickly. That’s how he eats. Some men will swallow everything, if they can, in a few seconds.

Sitting in front of him is the woman. The woman usually takes her time with the ice cream or any other dessert. She will savor every moment, every molecule. She’s going to tease herself about it. She will make the pleasure last as long as she can. She’ll pick up a spoon and barely touch her tongue with it. She’ll close her eyes and feel that little drop of sweet cream ice cream melts on her tongue. This is the idea of a woman’s pleasure.

So while there are a time and place for quickies, for the most part, men should be a delicious dessert for her so that everyone can enjoy the experience for a much longer period of time.

How To Maintain A Relationship With These 5 Tips #3 – What Women Should Know

In contrast, the advice for women is to speed things up – just a little bit. Begin to stimulate the genital area quickly. Or teach him to take advantage of the slower version.

While you two are kissing and getting involved in foreplay, you could touch your genital area a little earlier than you would otherwise. When you do this, you will be giving him what he needs and there is a greater chance he will enjoy the preliminaries, and for a longer period of time, since he is getting what he wants, for now.

If he starts to progress very quickly, continue to give him pleasure just the way you say to him: “Let’s enjoy this a bit more.” Men hate to be told what to do. So let’s “suggest” this to them. Overall, men are fairly easy to please. They just need to be trained not to rush but enjoy every second of the experience.

How To Maintain A Relationship With These 5 Tips #4 – Additional Notes

It is also helpful for men and women to discuss their likes, dislikes, and fantasies with each other, especially if you are in a serious relationship. Ask each other what excites you and what your secret fantasies are. This does not need to be done during sex. This can be done whenever you are alone, or during a random conversation. Make mental notes of what you learned during these discussions.

You two should also try to stay in shape and remain attractive to each other. What I mean is, do not dress like a sloppy one simply because now you have someone to have sex with. Do not stop exercising now that you are with someone. The longer you are together, the more important this is. (Men are usually more guilty than women.) Physical attraction may not be at the top of your list if you’re together for a while, but it definitely will not hurt to pay attention to that area.

Also, getting fit and eating right is good for you anyway! Exercise also increases libido and ensures that all of your sexual organs are functioning at the ideal level.

How to maintain a relationship with these 5 tips #5 – Aphrodisiac for the couple



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