Now you are ready to meet a woman but do not know how to attract a girl. This is a ridiculously simple task if you are a European prince, a movie star or a rock and roll star whose music touches the souls of all who have heard it, especially the souls of young women with laughter as the touch of Church bells. If you do not fit into any of these aspects, the rest of you will need help.

How to attract a girl difficult – Relationships #1 – Phrases to Avoid

Phrases to avoid when making your initial approach:

“You remind me of my mother.”
“My ex-girlfriend was crazy.”
“I feel like loving.”
“Oh I have so much to give. I need someone with me.”

How to attract a girl difficult – Relationships #2 – Interpret the behavior of your encounter

So, now that you’ve seen the woman of your dreams, you expect her to be charming, gentle, inventive in the kitchen, spiritually evolved and gymnast gifted in bed. But you really do not know it. This is the purpose of dating. To make the most of this scary but necessary ritual, you need to watch. You need to listen.

Pay attention to their subtle behavioral cues. If she uses the words patriarchal and oppressive in combination more than two or three times and refers to women she does not know as “my sisters” you may want to rethink your plan to hold hands romantically coming home as this may not do her style.

How to attract a girl difficult – Relationships #3 – Be A Visionary

Assuming you like the woman you’re meeting with, you want to focus on your maturity and sophistication. (Just as your brain is looking for a positive symmetry for the eyes, her brain, according to several women I know, is examining evidence that you are worth it.) Feel free to express your wry wit. But in general, avoid jokes about people’s way and manner.

How to attract a girl difficult – Relationships #4 – Be Curious and Kind

Studies prove that the more you let the other person talk, the more attractive you are. Another important thing is to be generous. You invited her. You pay. If she offers to split the account, refuse on the first date. After that, the payout must be determined by who makes the invitation, who makes more money and personal preference.

How to attract a girl difficult – Relationships #5 – How can I hide my nervousness around a woman?

What makes you nervous is to take what you think (or think about) very seriously. Shyness cannot be fixed or hidden – you simply have to disregard the negative thoughts your mind is telling you. Getting close to women quickly and without thinking about what you are going to say first will strengthen your resolve over time.

Never approach a woman thinking “I should absolutely make a good first impression or she will never …” Think, “I wonder what she will do when I say X, Y or Z” and do not worry so much that it may not respond the way you want it.

How to attract a girl difficult – Relationships #6 – Do commercially sold pheromones work to help attract women?

Although pheromones have been scientifically proven to affect mating actions in various creatures, there have been no conclusive studies done on humans. So until that happens, the answer is NO. The most powerful attraction tool you can use is your brain.

How to attract a girl difficult – Relationships #7 – How Can I Be More Powerful in Bed?


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