Erection problems, just like the sexual function of men, is anchored in a healthy body. Well-being and physical integrity are essential to your emotional health and illustrate the integration of the mind-body connection to male sexuality.

The guideline is simple: Anything good for your physical body will be good for your sexuality, and anything that subverts your physical body will subvert your sexuality. Being fitness is an important concept for men of all ages, but it is particularly crucial for men over 40 and men over 60.

The best way to conceptualize physical well-being and sexual function is the concept of primary prevention, with a secondary intervention for acute problems. Unfortunately, what happens is that health problems become chronic and severe and cause sexual dysfunction.

Erection problems – How to improve sexual function #1 – Prevention

Prevention is the ideal strategy. Primary prevention focuses on behavioral health habits: sleep, exercise, eating, drinking, use of medication, and smoking. A paradox of healthy behavioral habits is that, when practiced well, they contribute a positive but relatively small amount to the sexual function.

However, problematic or dysfunctional health habits can have a significant negative impact on sexual function. For example, chronically disturbed sleep patterns – that is, sleeping less than 5 hours a night – can cause depression, irritability and inhibited sexual desire.

Smoking interferes with vascular function, which can be a major cause of erectile dysfunction. You must to your physical well-being to confront and change these destructive patterns. You will have a secondary reward – renewed sexual vitality. Changing health habits requires discipline and commitment to a process of gradual change and maintenance of healthy habits.

Erection problems – How to improve sexual function #2 – Sleep

A healthy sleep pattern includes regular sleep times, deep sleep and dreams that are regenerative physically and psychologically. Good sleep patterns contribute to a sense of physical and psychological fertility, which in turn promotes sexual desire and function.

Healthy sleep patterns are the foundation of physical well-being. This means establishing a sleep rhythm and waking up at a regular time (7-9 hours a night), not drinking or using over-the-counter medications to induce sleep and engaging in a relaxing activity for 30 minutes before going to bed.

Erection problems – How to improve sexual function #3 – Physical exercise

The second factor to eliminate some erection problem is exercise. Exercise is a prime example of the importance of finding a healthy balance. When people think of an ideal exercise, they think of young and competitive athletes in exceptional physical condition. Such an extreme is not necessary for good sexual function;

Instead, a balanced level of physical exercise is important. Unfortunately, the typical pattern for adult males is a sedentary lifestyle, with the lack of any exercise program. This can cause lethargy, poor physical conditioning, inefficient breathing, general fatigue, lack of sexual energy and poor vascular and cardiac function – all detriments to healthy sexual function.

The other extreme is caused by excessive exercise, excessive conditioning. This can result in a compulsive use of activity to avoid dealing with emotions and people, there is not enough time or energy for a genuine sexual relationship.

Erection problems – How to improve sexual function #4 – Healthy eating

The vast majority of diets emphasize one or two aspects of intake such as low carbohydrate or high carbohydrate intake, minimal calories, no sugar or no meat, or just cooking with olive oil.

The topic of many diets is the promise of quick weight loss: “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!” Or “Achieve the ideal weight in just two months!”. Few weight loss diets have relapse prevention or maintenance programs.

In fact, you want a balanced and balanced eating plan combined with an exercise routine in which you lose 1-2 pounds per week. Experienced and balanced approaches recommend smaller portions and regular exercise as the successful approach to weight management.

Find your healthy weight range, which is the weight that you can keep for months and years. This is quite different from the ideal weight you can achieve on a strict diet and exercise program but will not be able to maintain.

Erection Problems – How To Improve Sexual Function #5 – How To Permanently Eliminate The Erection Problem


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