Women desire. Sexual desire, or libido, can vary greatly between a couple and another and can cause problems in a relationship. Sometimes couples need to deal with this forgive a little the rules associated with the relationship, but a better solution would be that both had the libido more or less the same level.

Sexual desire varies among individuals and may also vary by a person also it depends on the age, time of day, load, stress, location, etc.

Women desire – How to increase libido #1 – When the couple’s libido is out of sync

When the libido is very out of sync, most often a partner will feel frustrated and the other may feel inadequate for that relationship. This can lead to moodiness, poorly chosen words, anger, resentment, etc.

This problem can even take a partner to seek out the relationship fulfillment of what he believes he needs. Usually, the problems related to the “incompatible” libido are mainly emotional and it’s really important to recognize that these emotions stem from beliefs. Any thought that begins with the words “I need …” is a belief.

Women desire – How to increase libido #2 – Two approaches to the problem

There are two approaches here that can help. One is to reduce the high sexual desire in a partner who has a high sex drive. The other is to increase the low sexual desire in people who have a low sex drive.

If you simply want to be more compatible in terms of libido with your partner and the difference is not very large, sexual desire can be reduced safely if you apply a technique of suggestion. When you use this technique of suggestion, that allows your partner a hint of choice in your subconscious.

Women desire – How to increase libido #3 – How to train the subconscious

  • I am happy to wait until the (name) is ready
  • If I have to wait, it will be even better
  • I do not need sex as much as I thought I needed

Two of these suggestions make no mention of sex. Your subconscious will understand the specific intent since you think about sex with your partner before using the phrase. These mantras define the context in which the subconscious can apply to verbal instruction.

If the libido is low, then it may well be increased. Before using this subconscious strategy, you must first delete all the common causes of sexual problems, because they can cause low sex drive.

If you also need to use the suggestion to increase sex drive, here are some examples of positive statements that you can visualize.

  • I want more sex, I want more sex
  • I love the way we have sex
  • I want to sexual stimulation every day

You can be much more explicit and graphics with your suggestions if you want to be.

Women desire – How to increase libido #4 – Causes of low sex drive

  • Low libido may also be caused by the following:
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of low self-esteem.

Stress affects people on a large scale but often have relatively simple solutions. Regarding the anxiety and depression is advisable to seek a professional. There are also some common physical factors that can cause low libido. Here are the most common:

Excess weight tends to decrease libido and tobacco also negatively affects the libido.
Some drugs and medications can affect libido. significant hormonal changes can affect libido.

Physical health may result in an effect on libido, any significant and unexpected change in libido can justify a trip to see your doctor if you do not know the reason for it.

Women desire – How to increase libido #5 – Supplements


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