In this article, it will be considered how to pleasure yourself. One way to start doing this, is you touch your body with your hands. Forget the negative things that were said about masturbation, and continue pleasuring yourself. Masturbation is the best way to learn how your body works sexually and learn what their preferences in bed. See more benefits of masturbation, click here.

Masturbation is also the safest way to be satisfied sexually, for there is no risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and nor is there risk of unwanted pregnancy. So before going to bed with someone, go to bed himself.

To pleasuring  yourself, take your time and have no distractions

Masturbating is not something that should be done in a hurry, unless you feel very excited and want to get right to orgasm in order to do something else. But when you are discovering your body and finding what excites you, you should not be in a hurry. Try to set aside time only for you when practicing the tips given in this article. It is also important you turn off the phone to prevent anyone send you message or call you.

Try a different position

What is the position you usually masturbate? While you are sitting? Standing? Lying on your back? While bathing? Just because you are alone does not mean that you can be uncreative. Try a position you never tried before. Move your legs in different directions going make you have different feelings. Use your other hand. When attempting to use a different position you will discover new things and the possibility of pleasuring pleasuring yourself will be higher.

Try different places

It is extremely important to be comfortable while masturbating, especially if you do not have much custom or practice in this regard. But when you feel confident, move it around. When you feel bored to stay only in the room, try other rooms of the house, like the shower or among other places, consider even do outdoors.

Make noise

Once you’re pleasuring yourself, do not be embarrassed. Rather than hold the feelings and desires, let them free. Maybe you feel a little ridiculous at first, but then you will realize that drop their screams and moans will even leave you more excited. It will even help you have a better orgasm, because you will not have anything keeping you from feeling whoso will. Screams and moans can even help your breathing.

Use lubricant

The lubricants help keep the genitals continually wet so you can better enjoy the moment for a longer period of time without reapplying the lubricant or other less effective method that you may have used. Lubricants can also lower friction in the vagina and penis during time.

With friction, also come pain and skin irritation, and that certainly is something that nobody wants when the goal is to feel pleasure. It is essential that especially women avoid using creams, lotions or anything else that may cause irritation in the vagina. To read more about how to increase vaginal lubrication, click here.

Women – Pay special attention in the clitoris

pleasuring yourself

When you are learning more about how to pleasure yourself, you realize that the body has some parts that are more erogenous than others. In women, the clitoris can be considered the sex button. None female body is like another, so every woman need to experience the best way to stimulate the clitoris. Try putting your clitoris between two fingers and slide it down and then up. Caress him on his outside with different types of pressure. Stroking the clitoris in circles is also another option.

Men – Pay special attention to your penis

The main organ for male arousal is the penis. And even if you practice masturbation, there are some tips that can improve this time. Start putting some lubricant on your fingers and hand that you will use. Start gently caress the head of the penis to the base. Then switch over and start again. Continue doing this until you feel you are ready for another stimulation.

Add more lube and use your whole hand now. Keep doing the same movement and do not rush. Take short breaks between a caress and another. Breathe and think of what will be his next move. Doing so will give you the feeling of pleasure slowly increase and this will increase your focus giving more pleasure before and after masturbation, besides, the ejaculation will be more rewarding.

See more masculine erogenous zones, here.

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