How stay longer in bed is a goal that many men seek to achieve and this is possible through some exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Start doing the first exercise twice a day, gradually increasing your repetitions, then add other exercises, one at a time.

If you can practice each exercise three or four times a day is very good for you. However, try not to force your muscles, you do not need to use the pain to achieve better results, you can use the pleasure.

These exercises are for the muscles of the pelvic floor, to find these muscles is very simple. You can go in the toilet and start to urinate, and then stop the flow of urine. The muscles used to stop the flow of urine are the pelvic floor muscles. If it was difficult to do this, it means you need many of these exercises.

Hold ejaculation longer is about on tightening the pelvic floor muscles, but the relaxation between contractions is essential. If you are tense, your sexual energy will not flow.

How stay longer in bed # 1 – Basic exercise

Press and release the pelvic floor muscle (popularly known as PC muscle) in the frequency of heart rate, which means keeping it pressed each time for about a second.

Start with 20 contractions, twice a day and gradually increase to at least 75 contractions. When you are doing 75 contractions, twice a day, without much effort, add the next exercise.

How stay longer in bed # 2 – Tightening Exercise

Practice the exercise of squeezing your PC muscle while inhaling. We mean for you to keep tightening the PC muscle for a long period. Some doctors recommend that 3 seconds are enough, some say 6 seconds and others say 15 seconds.

Maybe they are all right, so we suggest you start with 3 seconds and work the muscles to reach up to 15 seconds grip.

To do this exercise you need to breathe the air and squeeze the PC muscle, holding it tightly. Then push it out and relax in the same amount of time before tightening again. Repeat this cycle 20 times twice a day initially. Gradually increase to reach 75 repetitions, twice a day.

How stay longer in bed # 3 – Contractions in the back

This exercise begins with the part of your PC muscle around the anus and spreads to your whole PC. The goal is to reach the muscle around the sphincter, the same muscle you use to stop a bowel movement.

Start by simply relax and focus your attention on the muscles of the anus. Hold your breath and tighten your anal sphincter as much as you can. This should make your anus is a little pushed. After that, you should expand the contraction of the anus through the pelvic floor to the genitals.

When you are doing right, you will feel a tug on the testicles. Keep it tight for a few seconds and then relax on your breathing. Begin with 20 contractions, twice daily. When anal contractions become easy to make, add the next exercise.

How stay longer in bed # 4 – Exercise of vibrations

This exercise is similar to the first, only faster. To make the vibration, you must contract and relax your PC muscle as fast as you can. In the first attempt, you may not go much faster than your heartbeat, but with practice, you will be able to do this.

Maybe it is best not to count these exercises, only work the muscles several times before fully relax. Do 20 repetitions per day is already something great. With these exercises presented here, you will be able to hold ejaculation longer by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

How stay longer in bed # 5 – Effective Tip


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