#Sex. For thousands of years, men had to go out and meet their lovers – in fact, long before we became evolved men , we just went out and put them on our heads and took them home.

We have recently received many emails from men proclaiming, “Why should we go after them?” Fair.

So you want her to come to you? Ask and you will receive . Here are the top 10 ways to keep her attention when you can.


Top 11 Ways to Keep Your Attention # 11 . Do not be too friendly.

#Sex. Many men ask why their friends choose to remain “just friends ” .

Well, if you discuss topics that friends discuss, then she will rate you as a friend. Yes, relationships should flourish in full partnerships, but this is not so in the beginning.

And if that is not enough, she will tell you sordid stories about all the other men she likes and is chasing. Act as a partner and that’s what you become – a friend.

Top 11 Ways to Keep Your Attention # 10 M keep guessing

#Sex. Women like mystery.

Now, we are not implying that you should lie to them, nor are we saying what you should play , but you must leave something hidden.

Put your life story into a press release and send it to her, and we guarantee that you will be flying alone for a while.

FEED a little, but keep his growing curiosity and interest in you will do the same.

If a woman thinks you have found out, she will be bored; however, if she wants to determine what else is between her two extremes (this last word of wisdom comes from a special young lady, so believe me), she will expect to see him again and again.


Top 11 Ways to Keep Your Attention # 09 Do not make the first move .

#Sex. We usually think that in some situations being direct is the only way forward, but you know what?

Relationships are, for the most part, about games. And if you want to admit or deny, you must agree that the second you find out that someone is interested, your level of interest will be reduced.

It’s almost as if you’ve added another stitch to your belt. Except, of course, if it involves the person you think you’re meant to meet, and in that case you keep smiling.

So, show some interest – after all, this is the bait – but keep your cards on your chest, instead of hitting your two cards on the table.

Who knows? You can end up with a full house if you have the patience.

Top 11 Ways to Keep Your Attention # 08 Play Hard to Achieve .

#Sex. This is an extension of the board “do not make the first move”.

The difference is simple: even if she knows you’re interested, do not throw yourself at her disposal.

If she knows you would walk on the water and swallow fire to be with her, it would rain on your parade and cast a lighted match in your dreams, so let her know that you have places to go and people tosee. Play hard to achieve .


Top 11 Ways to Keep Your Attention # 07 Be the best you can be .

#Sex. No, do not join the army, although women like men in uniform. Instead, make sure you smell good, have fresh breath, be well groomed and look the best you can.

Yes, some women do not care about looks, especially if their bank account increases to seven digits.

However, just as men demand that their wives be beautiful, women demand and deserve the same. You have been warned.

Top 11 Ways to Keep Your Attention # 06 Smile .

#Sex. It is very important to smile and present yourself in a positive way. More importantly, make her laugh, make friendships laugh, and if she can, make her parents smile.

That way, you’ll be laughing at the altar (well, more like crying).

Ask 9 of 10 women, and they will tell you the importance of a sense of humor, then leave the tortured gaze at home and smile.


Top 11 Ways to Keep Your Attention # 05 Make her the center of your universe .

#Sex. OK, before the men’s liberation movement gets upset, allow us to simply add this:

Make your wife think that everything you like about her is BLT (no, we do not mean bacon, lettuce and tomato), and she will not mind keeping it for long.

But please, your mind, showing a (genuine) interest in your family, friends, work, interests, hobbies and dreams, and she will fall in love with you.

Be sure to let her respond instead of taking a 20-question session.


Top 11 Ways to Keep Your Attention # 04 Give It Space .

#Sex. You may like her and want her to like you, but unless you give her space and do not cover her, she will never be interested.

Do you know the expression about absence making the heart grow fonder? Well, that’s true.

Then make her miss you: let her know where you are, who you are and where you are going, and she will expect to cross with you more often than you realize.

Top 11 Ways to Keep Your Attention # 03 Do not judge her .

#Sex. This is critical even before you reach the dating stage.

Men (and women) are bad in one way: we meet a girl we like and imagine that she has all the qualities and traits of our dream woman.

So we wonder why we can not do squats at work while we dream about it.

Then, when the push comes, we realize that it is a fraction of our image of it and that it is, in fact, nothing like what we believed it to be.

That said, you should have absolutely no expectation of your character and will not disappoint you;

she may even want you to know her better, and at this point you can send us a thank-you note.


Top 11 Ways to Keep Your Attention # 02 Manage Your Expectations .

#Sex. Making it reach you is the easy part; keeping it is the real challenge. When you meet your dream woman, be honest with yourself and with her: do not show yourself in a different light.

Call it as it is and you will avoid headaches and misery on the way.

More importantly, she will see that you are being genuine, sincere and honest and therefore will want you by her side forever.


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