Tips to increase female sexual desire

The female sexual desire may undergo several changes over the life of the woman. These changes occur because of hormonal changes, problems at work, family problems or conflicts in general. The problems that occur in a woman’s life, make their sexual desire decreases, affecting your relationships and even your health.

You can increase female sexual desire if you try to follow some measures and strive to regain healthy sex life with your partner. In another article, that was previously published, we listed four tips that you can follow to increase sexual desire, read here. In this article we will consider more tips.

Increase female sexual desire

To increase female sexual desire is necessary to know what is causing this problem. The causes for low libido can be physical or psychological. Psychological causes include fatigue, depression, among other things. Physical causes can be due to stress, hormonal changes, lack of nutrients in the body or burnout.

When a woman feels sexual desire naturally, is a sign that she has good health, otherwise it can get medical help, that will get to know what is interfering with the sexual health of women. Thus, the doctor will be able to indicate the best treatment.

Knowing what the causes are for the woman does not have sexual desire, it will be easier to recover your normal sex life. Here are the tips of things you should avoid to solve this problem.

Things that should be avoided to increase sexual desire

Unhealthy habits: Your habits directly influence their libido, this means that cigarettes, alcohol excess, drugs, drugs that are not vital or other addictions that are not healthy, interferes in your sex life. As much as it may seem difficult, it is necessary to abandon these vices. If you tried to quit some of these addictions and failed, the psychologist can help you.

Processed and artificial foods: The food which is already marketed ready, as frozen products and soft drinks, contains too much sodium and sugar in its composition. This interferes in the sexual desire, because the excess of sugar can cause change in hormone levels, which are directly linked with decreasing sexual desire in both men as women.

Food in cans and plastic containers: Inside the cans that store the food, contains a small layer that prevents the corrode metal, called BPA. The BPA is directly linked to cases of erectile dysfunction and infertility. So it is not advisable consume food in plastic or metal containers. It is also not advisable reuse plastic bottles and other packaging, because they release substances detrimental to health.

Things that should be made to increase sexual desire

Exercises: Exercise can be a great help to increase female sexual desire, as well as being a natural therapy. The exercises can improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and increase your energy. Another benefit is to promote the increase in relaxation and improve blood circulation. So keep a healthy exercise routine.

Sunlight: The balanced exposure in the sun increases the sexual desire, both for men and women. The increase vitamin D levels in the body, favoring the fortification of the body.

Water: Water is essential for the proper functioning of the body. When you consume the minimum amount of water per day, which is at least 1 liter per day, will experience an improvement in blood circulation and the rest of the body, including more energy.

Yoga, meditation and pilates: They are ancient practices that increase the oxygen in the blood, give greater elasticity to the body and contribute to a healthy and balanced mind. Such practices can serve to improve the love life of the couple, it has the function to restore psychological and physical harmony of the couple.

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