At the time of sex, some men end up ejaculating little sperm. This can make it difficult for a woman to become pregnant or just to have sex more pleasurable. It is important to consult the doctor so that he can give technical details about your specific case, however, there are tips to help increase the volume of ejaculation.

The amount of sperm expelled during a relationship varies according to each man and also varies according to the type of relationship. Increasingly, men seek help to increase sperm volume.

Tips for Getting Pregnant – Increase Your Chances! #1 – First step

Safety at the time of sex is very important as it can prevent a sexually transmitted disease or an unwanted pregnancy. But if you are in a relationship that both trust each other and are trying to get pregnant, there is nothing like having your love ejaculating inside you. This is likely to be one of the only and most effective methods to make your orgasm better. And if you do not know, women have spontaneous orgasms when a man ejaculates in his vagina.

Tips for Getting Pregnant – Increase Your Chances! #2 – You need to increase the amount of sperm

It is important to know that to increase the volume of sperm it is necessary to have a healthy body and mind. Practicing some sport or even walking can help. If the goal is to get your partner pregnant, it is best to stop smoking and drink alcohol in large quantities.

Intimate clothing is also linked to decreased sperm. For sperm to be healthy they cannot be in constant heat, especially when the testicles are tight against the body of the man. So give preference to boxer underwear.

Tips for Getting Pregnant – Increase Your Chances! #3 – Food

The consumption of some foods can help increase the volume of sperm. Have in your diet many carbohydrates and proteins as they boost the increase in semen. Reducing or even eliminating processed foods and trading for vegetables and whole grains will bring benefits to your health and as a consequence of your sperm. Food can also increase the desire for sex.

Ginger. Ginger has several uses, is a medicinal plant that improves digestion and reduces inflammation. It helps in sex life by strongly stimulating blood circulation, which results in greater erections for the man, generating greater pleasure for the woman. It also makes the woman more excited and willing to have sex, because with the blood circulation being larger, the clitoris also becomes more sensitive and helps in the lubrication of women. Like pepper, ginger has its immediate effect and also acts in the long run.

Female lubrication is very important so that sex is pleasant and pleasurable, ginger can help in this sense. Although it is a natural herbal, it is very important to make sure that they do not cause any side effects on you particularly. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not self-medicate, even if it is with natural herbs, always consult your doctor.

Tips for Getting Pregnant – Increase Your Chances! #4 – Drinking water

Sperm has its volume made up of 95% water, so drinking plenty of water a day and keeping your body well hydrated is essential. Dehydration can negatively affect your sexual performance. The amount of water that should be consumed daily to have an increase in sperm volume, should be at least 8-10 cups during the day. You can add fruit to diversify the flavors. You should be careful when drinking soda and coffee, as both cause dehydration.

Tips for Getting Pregnant – Increase Your Chances! #5 – Supplement to increase sperm


In addition to the correct breathing, to reach the goal more quickly, the best alternative is to make use of natural supplements. But amidst so many suspicious advertisements and websites, how do you know which supplement will really help? The best thing to do is choose a site that is safe and most importantly, the ingredients are natural.

Therefore, we indicate the products of the site Virectil, more specifically the SpermaxX Duo Pack, click here for more information. It is indicated for sperm augmentation. It is a 100% natural supplement that besides increasing the volume of sperm, also increases the time of ejaculation.

However, the main one is: It promotes an improvement in your sexual performance and promotes an increase in resistance paving the way for multiple sexual experiences.

  • Promotes an increase in sperm volume
  • Stronger and longer lasting erections
  • Increased fertility
  • Promotes an improvement in your sexual performance
  • Promotes increased resistance paving the way for multiple sexual experiences

By taking 2 capsules of SpermaxX Caps per day with water, in the main meal intervals, this powerful capsule supplement will work throughout the day nourishing the body with the necessary ingredients to increase the volume of testosterone and blood volume in the region penis responsible for promoting the increase in sperm volume.

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