Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not, improving your sex skills is essential for this act to be harnessed to the fullest. With that in mind, we’ve prepared this article with some essential tips to help you improve every time. No tricks, no hard things too. Anyone can follow the tips given here.

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Sex – The recipe you seek to have better sex #1 – Why improve?

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting in a movie theater watching a really great movie. You’re really having fun! There are an adventure, excitement, romance and even a touch of danger. But best of all, there is an air of mystery and unpredictability.

You have no idea what will happen next! Emotions are there, your heart is beating fast and then. . . There is the grand finale! The perfect end to a perfect adventure. You give a deep sigh. You leave the theater totally satisfied and maybe even a little tired. After all, this was an exciting experience!

Now . . . Imagine watching the same movie. . . twice a week . . . In the next 3 months. What happens at the end of the three months? For most of us, this movie will not be more fun. You will not be adventurous. The excitement will be no more. And the unpredictability? What unpredictability? You already know the fully memorized speeches.

Sex – The recipe you seek to have better sex #2 – Back to being fun

To get back to experiencing the fun, excitement, and intrigue of watching a great movie, you have to watch a new movie with a new plot and new twists. It has to be unpredictable so that as long as you do not know what will happen it will leave you breathless, you do not know how or when it will come to an end. With a new movie, you can once again enjoy every moment as it unfolds before your eyes.

Sex – The recipe you seek to have better sex #3 – Improve sexual life

To have better sex, in many ways, is similar to watching a great movie. And just like a great movie, to enjoy it again and again, it has to be unique. There have to be new twists, and it has to be unpredictable. Because when it is predictable, you know exactly what will happen and exactly when it will happen. You came back to watch that same shameless movie again and again. No more fun. In fact, it’s downright boring.

Sex – The recipe you seek to have better sex #4 – The secret recipe

So … the secret ingredient for having great sex is variety! If I was asked to explain the best sex in just one word, it would be this – variety. To keep sex interesting and fun, it has to keep changing. In other words, the techniques, the execution, the time and the place need to change. They do not need to change at the same time. But there must be at least one change.

You may be thinking “Dude, that’s a lot of pressure! How can I always add something new to sex?” Well, you do not always have to do something new. But when you decide, you will find many ideas on this site.

Let’s go back to the example of the film for a better explanation. If you watched a great movie once, there’s a good chance you can enjoy the same movie again if you see it a few months later, right? You can not enjoy it as much as the first time, but you will come very close. Likewise, if from time to time you end up having sex in exactly the same way you did a month ago, you will still enjoy it as long as you do not do the same thing forever.

The great thing about having sex is that, unlike watching a movie, it is almost impossible to have sex in exactly the same way you did previously. We’re going to give you another secret ingredient:

Sex – The recipe you seek to have better sex #5 – Secret Ingredient to have better sexual life


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