Some people find it difficult to maintain sex and pleasure after reaching a certain age. These same people often suffer from problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. But it is practically useless to resolve sexual dysfunction and develop an active sexual style unless you have a plan to maintain an active sexuality.

These are our seven recommended strategies. We recommend that you discuss with your partner and commit to implementing those that are particularly relevant to you.

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7 Tips to keep sex and pleasure after age 40 #1 – Have meetings

Set up regular times (for example, a 45-minute walk or over lunch once a month) to discuss the state of your intimate relationship.

This facilitates the maintenance of the identity and the satisfaction of the couple. The message is that you want to regularly commit the time and the psychological energy to nurture and enhance your sexual style as a couple.

7 Tips to keep sex and pleasure after age 40 #2 – Have goals

Stay committed to maintaining an active sexual style. We suggest you establish a new sexual goal for the next six months: it may be a new sequence of sexual pleasure or position; Get rid of everyone for a weekend; Interpret an erotic scenario … At the next six-month meeting, talk about how this is progressing and set a new goal for the next six months.

7 Tips to keep sex and pleasure after age 40 #3 – Enjoy Pleasure Sessions.

Whether it’s once every six weeks or once every four months, we suggest taking time off for a pleasure session (without sex and orgasm). This reinforces a comfortable, sensual, fun and flexible approach to giving and receiving a pleasure-oriented touch without demands for sexual performance.

Allow yourself to experience and enjoy sensuality. You can make a mutual touch or take turns, talk or be silent, read romantic poetry or sexy scenes from a movie. Anticipation is the key to desire, and sensuality is the key to sexual response.

7 Tips to keep sex and pleasure after age 40 #4 – Accept lapses as normal

In movies, there is never a sexual problem. In real life, 5-15% of double experiences are unsatisfactory or dysfunctional. The real test of a positive and resilient sexual sexuality is your ability to accept an unsatisfactory encounter and deal with it.

When there is a negative sexual experience, it is normal to have automatic and self-doubt thoughts.

When you are tested by an unsatisfactory experience, the important thing is that you face the challenge together. Use all your cognitive, behavioral, emotional and relational skills to cooperate as an intimate team to focus on sexuality as a shared pleasure.

7 Tips to keep sex and pleasure after age 40 #5 – Establish positive and realistic sexual expectations

If the goal is to maintain sex and pleasure, your expectations should remain positive and realistic. Reasonable expectations allow you to integrate sex in real life.

Positive and realistic expectations include adopting a broad and flexible approach to contact and eroticism. You, as a couple, need to work cooperatively to find ways to accommodate each other’s needs, wants and preferences in a respectful and caring manner.

7 Tips to keep sex and pleasure after age 40 #6 – Schedule intimate schedules

The importance of putting quality time aside can not be emphasized enough. You need a commitment to stimulate the intimacy of the couple. This is especially important for couples with children. The husband-wife bond is the core of your family. You are better people and parents when you value yourself as close partners.

Many couples fall into the trap of not leaving without the children. We encourage you to schedule a weekend in a couple (or even one night) with no children.

At least once a year, go as a couple, not with relatives or friends. In your daily life, regular couple time can include taking a walk, going out for dinner and enjoying a sensual or erotic encounter. Remember, your marriage bond is the most important in the family.

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