Sex in pregnancy.   If You’re horny, just do it.

Pregnancy is really an incredible time for sex.

First, you will not get pregnant again, at least not so soon, so you feel more uninhibited than ever.

This, in addition to the fact that your hormones are in fury and you suddenly and desperately want to have sex all the time makes a great deboning period in your life.

And even if you feel a little less flexible about that new cock, you can still loosen up and get orgasmed while making sure your baby is completely fine.

Here are some crazy ways to do this that are 100% pregnant and approved by women.

10 Orgastic positions of sex in pregnancy # 1 Goddess Reclining

Sex in pregnancy.   Here is an easy place to start.

You are about to bring the miracle of life;   your partner   can bring oral sex from now until her water breaks.

Lie on the edge of the bed, make them take any comfortable position and go to it.

Just make sure they are not   blowing air   in her vagina.

10 Orgastic positions of sex in pregnancy # 2 The Rock Chair Roll

Sex in pregnancy.   Later in your pregnancy, you may need to change woman’s positions on top.

Try to lean back on your hands to spread the weight of your growing belly and open up more room for your partner (or you) to stimulate the clitoris.

10 Orgastic positions of sex in pregnancy # 3 three peas in a pod

Sex in pregnancy.   Spoon is a good position during the third quarter because your tremendous belly will be getting in the way of your love.   (This will not be the last time your child does this).

To make you hallucinating: Hold a bullet vibrator on your clit by squeezing your legs close together as your partner swings at you from behind.

There is no better way to feel both aroused and loved than a fluffy little fucking spoon.

10 Orgastic positions of sex in pregnancy # 4 Mama Time

Sex in pregnancy.   In the last weeks of pregnancy, you probably just want to be spread on the couch, so DO.

Step 1: Lean back on the arm of a sofa with tons of pillows behind your back and under your butt.

Step 2: Place your legs on the partner’s lap.

Step 3: Fill your partner’s hand with lubricant and guide it between your legs.

Step 4: Beautifully notice that you did not step 1 ½: Put a towel under your butt to pour out the drops of lubricant.

10 Orgastic positions of sex in pregnancy # 5 bedside service

Sex in pregnancy.   Being super comfortable is a priority, so lean on a ton of pillows and sit on the edge of the bed, opening your legs well.

Your partner can kneel or stand and adjust the pillow situation in relation to height.

Once you have reached the ideal placement of the pillow, rub your clitoris while both observe your soft and slow lunges in your round and gorgeous body.

And if you can not get to her clit, ask him to rub it for you.

10 Orgastic positions of sex in pregnancy # 6 Bread in the Oven

Sex in pregnancy.   You should not lie flat on your back during the second and third quarters, so the regular missionary is practically off the table.

But if this is your favorite position, turn it aside by placing a pillow on one side of your butt and on the back.

Have him lie down on your side and entwine his legs with yours.   If your belly is fumbling, it can tilt the torso away from you and push you deeper into you.

All the benefits of the missionary – that is, you can simply lie down (during pregnancy this will look very attractive) – without the notable disadvantage of compressing the vena cava, a vein you will need to give life and other embellishments.

10 Orgastic positions of sex in pregnancy # 7 V enter a view

Sex in pregnancy.   Pregnancy means a lot of sex in the puppy style.

Spicing up, moving into the living room and kneeling on the couch, facing the back.

Your partner will also be in a great position to skirt and stroke his lips, which – like seemingly the rest of his body during these months – is swollen as hell.

In this case, this is good.   Very good.   You will see.

10 Orgastic positions of sex in pregnancy # 8 toy joy

Sex in pregnancy.   Hard and internal toys like glass and metal can hurt your cervix if pushed too hard, so try a toy focused on the clitoris as a   Satisfyer Pro   for gentle suction   that looks orally.

Your partner goes through a hands-free vibe like   Ravishing Rabbit Thruster de   Adam & Eve,   so they can hold your toy in place (you may not be able to reach it).

You just lean back on a giant pile of pillows and cheer up.

10 Orgastic Positions of Sex in Pregnancy # 9 Boppy Pillows

Sex in pregnancy.   If you are pregnant, someone will probably give you a   Boppy pillow , a C-shaped cushion that will be useful later if you are breastfeeding.   But use it off-label now.

Lie on top, carefully wedging your bump into the C so you do not put your weight on your belly.   Your man comes in from behind.

Never tell your future child that it happened.


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