Desejo sexual. Muito sexo ou falta dele pode ser visto como um tipo de problema, de acordo com os Médicos Sexólogos.

O apetite sexual vem na adolescência e pode diminuir após 30 anos naturalmente ou através de alguma doença física ou psicológica. Mas que tipos de problemas posso enfrentar e com isso perder o apetite sexual ?

A sexóloga Patricia deu seu depoimento trazendo alguns exemplos como: “A falta de libido pode ocorrer por motivos como depressão, uso continuado de antidepressivos, estresse ou baixa autoestima”.

Ela explica que a falta de apetite sexual pode surgir de muitos fatores e em todas as idades, especialmente no processo de envelhecimento. “Ainda existe uma crença errônea de que sexo é algo para jovens ou que o corpo maduro não atrai mais o parceiro”, diz Patrícia.

Entre esses casos relatados acima, hoje no mundo hoje existem vários tratamentos específicos que podem ajudar a compensar o desequilíbrio hormonal de cada pessoa, por isso você deve olhar antes de tomar qualquer atitude sozinho, seu ginecologista.

E se você já fez isso, ou quer uma segunda opinião antes de um atendimento mais completo, continue lendo para tentar algumas das dicas a seguir para entrar no clima sexual mais rápido.

THE TRUTH THAT NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT INCREASING SEXUAL APPETITE – # 1 What should a person with health problems do?

When a person is going through some of the problems listed above, before taking any action she should seek her gynecologist.

But knowing that the loss of sexual appetite is related to something you have been through and often uses a medicine to calm down, keep in mind that the change to your improvement should be gradual, and the first step is to see in you the because.

After identifying your problem to improve your sex life, the second step is to accept the ways that the market today brings to help you.

Today there are home remedies, and natural remedies. Home remedies can be categorized as: intimate exercises and stretching, herbs and teas, however their solution may be more time-consuming depending on each body.

The second and safest solution are natural remedies, they are products that are often made with the same herbs that you would buy, yet they bring the optimal amount for the treatment that should be done to increase your sexual libido, and bring that much desired climate.



THE TRUTH THAT NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT INCREASING SEXUAL APPETITE – # 2 What should a healthy but libido-free person do?

If you are a healthy person who does not go through stress, depression, does not take antidepressant medications and does not even know what low self-esteem means, your explanation may often be related to not having a sexual appetite for your partner, for some problem of the couple, that is, some attitude of him was frowned upon by you.

Lying too often causes disruption of attraction, and disapproval of some often futile attitude also triggers a lack of sexual appetite, most often by women.

In the latter cases the lack of sexual desire may be that you are trying to relate to a partner that there is no desire, attraction, and combination.

So do not think you’ll be “wet” or “dicky” every week, listening and seeing so many things you do not agree with, or even someone who does not really “hit a mood or attraction.”

But, if you know you go through this and want a help for your relationship, go straight to the natural remedies, without a shadow of a doubt! Because the solution is fast and the accessories are agile and solve any lack of interest many times in the hour.

The main products and remedies that can help you will be on the last topic!


desejo sexual

sexual desire

When it comes to increasing male sexual libido, the most common cause is low testosterone levels, and do not think it only happens with the elderly, this problem is already related to men starting at 40 years of age.

Men also go through “menopause”, but the correct nomenclature is “andropause“, meaning they begin to suffer from the Androgenic Deficiency of Male Aging.

And no one is here talking about “brooding”, “falling”, premature ejaculation or any resemblance that reminds erectile dysfunction, if that is your problem read the article related to it on our site: miracle remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Man’s lack of sexual desire may be related to the natural decrease in the production of testosterone, and being the main hormone for man, testosterone plays a fundamental role in his life, since he is responsible for puberty, increased muscle mass , their sexual development, that is, the maintenance and activation of the male libido.

Therefore, it is clear that the low level of testosterone in man makes the same suffer with the loss of sexual appetite and a treatment must be started to regain the increase or balance of testosterone.

One of the options for the treatment of your libido are the natural supplements like:

Rich Foods with Vitamin D, Zinc, Creatine, Vitamin B Complex, Natural Aspartic Amino Acid, Indian Mucuna Pruriens Herb, among others.

For more information on these natural supplements read the full article: supplements to boost libido testosterone from our website.

But if you want to buy a natural remedy, to have a faster result, how to know which is the best product indicated?

Start by looking for a safe and quality site and most importantly that the ingredients of the chosen product are natural.


If you are looking for a quick and safe solution and a 100% natural treatment, we indicate the products of the site Virectil, more specifically the “Potenzia Gel” male sexual stimulant, composed of ingredients extracted directly from nature and does its main purpose of increase libido by increasing sexual stamina, toning and strengthening the penis to achieve stronger, longer lasting erections and more intense and explosive orgasms.

The “Potenzia Gel Male Sexual Stimulating Gel“, besides increasing the sexual desire of immediate form, will improve its sexual performance because it causes an intense sensation of pleasure and helping the penis to exert a greater resistance to the fatigue allowing that it maintains an erection stronger and longer lasting even after the first ejaculation.

And nothing safer than using a supplement that already has all the ingredients in a product only, as what we are told, on our site, we have special combos also like:

Potenzia Duo Pack” are 03 products of the highest quality with 100% natural products for men who want a quick and multi-choice solution to feel different pleasures with the same objective increase in libido. to access it just click on this link:

desejo sexual

sexual desire

In this quit you will find 03 products:

1 – Potenzia Drops Male aphrodisiac is an aphrodisiac liquid for man, it can be taken with any drink to the mixture that will produce effect in the same way, it is 100% natural being its very safe taking.

2 – Potenzia Gel is a male sexual stimulant for external use, its specific properties favor the blood circulation in the penis and the testicles increasing its sexual vigor.

3 – Potenzia Spray increases sexual desire immediately, will improve your sexual performance because it causes an intense sensation of pleasure and helping the penis to exert a greater resistance to fatigue allowing it to maintain a stronger and more lasting erection even after first ejaculation.

These products are also sold separately, but for a more complete result we indicate the purchase of this quit that is with an offer not to be missed!

You still have questions? You can contact our central office for further clarification on these products.

Fique atento para o próximo post, se você quiser abrir mais fã quando se trata de boa conversa íntima! Nós vamos lidar com a libido feminina e muito mais!

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