Erection problem. Here is a simple but a little unusual technique that you can use to maintain your erection and stiffness for a long period of time. You have probably seen or heard of penis rings before. They are being sold in many different varieties by many companies. But you do not have to waste your money on them. And if you do not want to use this technique, the end of the article has a much simpler and more effective solution.

Are you having erection problems? We have the solution #1 – The technique

The same results can be obtained simply by using a thick rubber band or a hair tie. (If you do not know what a tightener is, just ask a woman. It is used by them to tie the hair in a ponytail, much like a rubber band).

I recommend you use a rubber band that has a good thickness. Using one that is too thin can pinch your skin and can also easily burst. First, caress or massage your penis to stay as straight as possible. The firmer the better.

Then bend the elastic 2 or 3 times, stretch it with your fingers and slide it through your penis until it reaches the base of the penis. Slowly release the elastic and let it contract around the penis. Push it down as close to the base of the penis. Then using your fingers, wrap the base of the penis and push it up to try to get it as strong and hard as you can, letting more blood flow up.

Are you having erection problems? We have the solution #2 – Precautions

That’s it! You’re ready to walk like a stallion and please your wife all night.

Some tips and precautions:

  • Do not leave the elastic too tight. Your goal is not to stop the flow of blood as most can think. Instead, all you are trying to do is apply light pressure around the penis to keep it stiff. If the rubber band is too tight or if the head of the penis begins to turn blue, you need to start over. Try using a larger elastic or bend it less often.
  • It is a good idea to cut your pubic hair, especially around the base of the penis, before trying out this elastic technique. Picking up the hair stuck in the rubber band would be very painful.
  • Lastly, be careful! Do not try to cut off the blood flow in your penis to make it do what you want. If you get hurt or cause permanent damage to your penis, or anything else, we will not be responsible for that.

Are you having erection problems? We have the solution #3 – Positions

If you always start with the missionary position and end with the missionary, it’s time to be creative. Although there are many different positions to share, I will cover the best I feel that will improve the quality of sex for both partners, as well as help, solve the most common problems/complaints between couples.

Are you having erection problems? We have the solution #4 – A position that almost guarantees orgasms for both

This is called a modified missionary position. While in the missionary position, the man will move his body up by an inch or two without leaving the woman. While in this position, he will use only his hands and elbows to move up and down, instead of moving his hips to penetrate in and out.

This position will allow the man to last longer and also will provide more stimulation to the woman’s clitoris. The chances of both parties having orgasms are increased exponentially. There is also a good chance of simultaneous orgasms.

Are you having erection problems? We have the solution #5 – A natural solution that is not painful, but pleasant



Ultra Hard is a natural, non-prescription aphrodisiac supplement. It was made with the aim of allowing the man to have strong erections more quickly and for longer periods of time.

Although it is a natural supplement it is extremely effective. In addition to producing strong erections, it helps prolong sexual activity and has a quick effect.

This remedy has a particularity that makes it one of the most effective aphrodisiacs on the market because in addition to being stimulant is also aphrodisiac, that is, in addition to generating strong and lasting erections, it increases the sexual appetite and can be taken by the cases of people with hypertension or diabetes.

Ultra Hard is used to improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, prolong sexual intercourse, or simply to increase your confidence in the sexual act. Click here to buy.

  • It allows fast and lasting erections
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