At some point in their lives, more than 90% of men report a sexual concern or problem, not just with erectile dysfunction. Obviously, these problems can subvert sexual health. Contrary to the traditional cultural mandate that men should not have sexual issues, anxieties or concerns, dealing with sexual problems is almost a universal experience for men.

Erectile Dysfunction #1 – First thing to do

First, it is crucial to understand and accept this because a sexual problem need not be a shameful secret, create feelings of inadequacy, or seem desperate. Throughout the articles written on this site, we will describe common sexual problems and how to solve them. Here you will find resources to help solve and deal with problems.

Your partner can be a supportive and intimate ally, but she can not do this for you. Knowledge is power. Having the understanding, motivation, and resources to deal with and solve sexual problems will improve your sexual health and satisfaction.

Erectile Dysfunction #2 – Traditional Myths

Traditional myths hold that men are always ready to have their sexual performance without questions, doubts or concerns. What bravery. However, a number of studies indicate that sexual dysfunction is common. Almost every man at some point in his life will experience a disagreement. At any one time, about 35-40% of individuals (31% of men, 43% of women) have sexual dysfunction.

We live in a culture that idealizes and exaggerates the idea that sex must be spontaneous, perfect, or great always. However, it is normal to have sexual difficulties. One study found that 97% of men (95% of women) had an important sexual preoccupation at some point in their life, important enough to want to talk to their doctor.

Erectile Dysfunction #3 – Diseases and Side Effects

Diseases and side effects of medications may be associated with erectile dysfunction. Medical illness does not stop full sexual function, but it usually alters it. Healing is the ideal outcome, but many diseases are chronic and must be managed. You can live your life normally with the disease. The dysfunction does not need to control your life or your sexual relationship.

The most common medical cause is the side effect of medications. This is especially true for antidepressant and hypertensive drugs, but a large amount of prescription and over-the-counter medications can have negative effects.

One suggestion for how to resolve this problem is to consult your doctor about all the medications you take and their possible sexual side effects. The side effects are quite variable for the individual, so you need to be a personal scientist regarding your illness, medication and side effects of the medication.

Erectile Dysfunction #4 – Physical Problems

Physical and medical problems are another cause. Maintaining a healthy sex body is crucial. Anything that interferes with your physical well-being will interfere with your sexual well-being. One problem for man is not seeing their doctor regularly, either through anxiety or machismo. Women go to the doctor four times more than men. If you think there is a possible physical cause of erectile dysfunction, it is important that you discuss the concern with your doctor.

A physical examination is very important for your physical and sexual health because your doctor can monitor you to observe common diseases that may occur. Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The first type of men’s cancer is prostate cancer (41% of all cancers among men); Lung cancer is number 2 (13%) and colon cancer is number 3. Early detection is the most important factor in the treatment of cancer.

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Erectile Dysfunction #5 – Permanent and Natural Solution

Ultra Hard Sexual Enhancement


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Ultra Hard is used for what?

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