Many medical conditions and medications can cause erectile dysfunction. Other causes may be smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, stress, and depression. Considering erectile function as a neurovascular event, we can divide the causes that affect the brain and nerves (neurological) and those that affect the arteries and veins (vascular).

What causes erectile dysfunction and how to cure it? #1 – Neurological conditions

A variety of neurological conditions can cause erectile dysfunction. The most common are spinal cord injuries, lumbar disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and pituitary disease (pituitary adenoma). In addition, certain surgical procedures, such as radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer and surgery for rectal cancer, can damage the pelvic nerves.

Other factors not related to the disease or surgery can also cause the dysfunction. For example, cycling over long distances on bicycles with small, rigid seats has been implicated as a cause, possibly by nerve or vascular compression.

What causes erectile dysfunction and how to cure it? #2 – Vascular conditions

From a vascular point of view, any disease process that can affect the arteries can also affect the arteries that supply blood to the penis. Man with coronary artery disease (sometimes manifested as angina, which is a chest pain with a feeling of suffocation), cerebrovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease (decreased blood flow to the legs, often associated with legs while trying to walk), high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels are at higher risk of erectile problems.

Men who have suffered pelvic trauma, such as an accident with a vehicle causing a pelvic fracture or direct injury to the penis, are at risk for erectile dysfunction. Radiation therapy (administration of radiation to kill cancer cells) in the pelvis or prostate can cause damage to the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis.

What causes erectile dysfunction and how to cure it? #3 – Other conditions

ED can occur in different degrees and in different medical conditions. For example, erectile dysfunction occurs in about 27% of men with hypertension. Cholesterol is a substance that is important for certain bodily functions but, when present in excessive amounts, contributes to unhealthy fatty deposits in the arteries, which may interfere with blood flow.

In men aged 40 to 55 years, the risk of moderate ED increased from 6.7 to 25% when the HDL level decreased from 90 to 30 mg/dL. This study also found a similar effect of the level of HDL on erectile function in the older male population. Another study found a relationship between total cholesterol and erectile function; According to this study, the risk of ED increased as the total cholesterol level increased.

What causes erectile dysfunction and how to cure it? #4 – Medical Conditions

Depression, anxiety, and stress can have an adverse effect on erectile function, and many of the medications used to treat these problems can cause ED and other forms of sexual dysfunction. However, in most situations, once erectile dysfunction occurs, man develops psychogenic components related to the anxieties that the ED causes.

The psychological causes of ED include:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Depression
  • Marital problems
  • Dysfunctional attitude towards sex
  • Sexual phobia
  • Religious beliefs / inhibitions
  • Previous traumatic sexual experience

A variety of other medical conditions have been associated with ED. Including endocrine abnormalities such as hyperthyroidism (hyperactive thyroid gland), hyperthyroidism (insufficient thyroid gland). Hypogonadism (when the testes do not produce enough testosterone), and pituitary dysfunction (sometimes manifested by hyperprolactinemia or overproduction of prolactin).

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What causes erectile dysfunction and how to cure it? #5 – How to cure?

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