Boiling. Brief erotic fantasies hours before making love can help ignite the heat later.

Even among lovers with large libidos, excitement can be challenging. Mu itas people want hot sex but have trouble warming.

Fortunately, sexual therapists developed a simple and practical way to stimulate arousal – “boiling.”

Boiling: An easy and enjoyable way to stimulate sexual arousal # 1 Excitement: often problematic

Boiling. Men and women may have excitement problems. Many women of all ages begin sexual interludes feeling warm warmth, but not erotic heat.

So if they love love, they eventually get excited.

Few young men experience difficulties with excitement, but as men grow older – usually more than 40 years .

Many are surprised to find that they have lost the automatic connection between wanting sex (desire) and really feeling pr ?te to excite (excitement) .

That’s why many middle-aged and older men watch pornography – to convince themselves that they can still get excited.


Boiling: An easy and enjoyable way to stimulate sexual arousal # 2 How to boil

 Suppose you have a date of sex or believe that you will make love in the next twelve hours.

Beginning that morning and periodically during the day, pause momentarily and dream of something erotic – anything that makes you feel anticipated.

Boiling the excitement of the Kindle , so that when you and your lover undress, you feel ready to twist the sheets.

Simmering does not have to take long. Use it to fill dead moments during the day: when you are climbing stairs, walking in elevators, or waiting in queues or at traffic lights.

 Simmering does not require elaborate fantasies of making love from beginning to end, but rather small tickles that anticipate future pleasures.

Boiling does not have to be explicitly sexual (ie, genital).

Play imagining things like kissing, grimacing in the neck, undressing, running your fingers through the hair of your honey or simply looking into each other’s eyes.

Fantasies with pseudogenic classification can ignite the fun with sexual censorship.

Boiling: An easy and enjoyable way to stimulate sexual arousal # 3 Spicy Ideas

Boiling. If your wheezing is explicitly sexual, you do not have to involve pornography.

Most porn focuses on little more than oral sex and sexual intercourse.

Over time, this can get annoying. Your own imagination probably can awaken you more. To boil, exercise it.


Boiling: An easy and enjoyable way to stimulate sexual arousal # 4 What do daydreams mean?

We all have daydreams Boiling.

They cover many possible experiences:

win the lottery, a fairytale wedding, exotic travel or hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth.

Do daydreams mean that you hate your life? Possibly, but rarely.

The great majority of daydreaming means nothing.

They simply exercise our imagination.

We can love our work, family and friends, but sometimes it’s fun to imagine something different.


Boiling: An easy and enjoyable way to stimulate sexual arousal # 5 DAYDREAMS

Boiling. Daydreams do not necessarily mean that you want them to come true.

Many men fantasize about being the hero, rescuing the damsel in distress – without the slightest desire to be caught in a fire on the 29th floor.

Few people dissect their daydreams in search of pathology. Assuming sanity, our reflections rarely raise concerns about our motives or mental health .


Boiling: An easy and enjoyable way to stimulate sexual arousal # 6 Sex Cultures

Boiling. To engage sex in daydreams, and in a culture as sexually nervous as ours, many people assume the worst.

If they fantasize about other lovers , they may feel guilty and shame , question their relationships, or reprimand themselves for being “mentally unfaithful.”

If they visualize risky sex – for example, in public – they may wonder if they are perverted.

And if they imagine anything eccentric – anal prank , BDSM, three-sex, swing or group sex – they may wonder about their mental health.

Relax, the vast majority of sexual fantasies mean nothing more than other daydreams.

Boiling: An easy and enjoyable way to stimulate sexual arousal # 7 Wildly Sexy Daydreams ? No reflection on mental health

Boiling.  From 1973, journalist Nancy Friday (1933-2017) published several collections of erotic fantasies for women – and then men .

His first book,   My Secret Garden : Women’s Sexual Fantasies, caused a sensation.

Friday documented the then shocking notion that women not only have erotic fantasies, but that many successful, well-married, and mentally healthy women admitted fantasies of rape, incest, and many other marginal sexual activities.

The book crystallized two fundamental truths: Fantasies are not reflection on who owns them. And in fantasy, everything is allowed and nothing is wrong.

Decades later, in 2009, British psychotherapist Brett Kahr interviewed 3,000 people who shared 23,000 sexual fantasies with their book   Who’s Been Sleeping in Your Head ?

The world is the secret of sexual fantasies .

He found no relationship between the wildest, most bizarre or abusive daydreams and the mental health of the fanciful.

Your sexual fantasies do not reflect on you, your relationship or your rationality.

Accept your fantasies.

And if you have difficulty with arousal, try using them to boil the excitement before you make love.


Boiling: An easy and enjoyable way to stimulate sexual arousal # 8 Simmering does not need to involve your partner

 If boiling involves your lover, great: Have fun fantasizing about your main grip.

But there is no need to restrict boiling to your partner.

Unfortunately, many people believe that the fantasies of other lovers are the moral equivalent of cheating.

A New York Times poll asked, “As long as you’re faithful to your spouse, do you think it’s okay to imagine having sex with someone else?”

Forty-six percent of respondents said, “Yes, the fantasies of others are good.”

Forty-eight percent of the respondents said, “No, they are wrong.”

Six percent of the respondents selected “No response”.

By gender , 52% of men said that it was okay to fantasize about someone else, but only 40% of women agreed.

Boiling: An easy and enjoyable way to stimulate sexual arousal # 9 Research shows that the fantasies of other partners are very common and totally normal:

Boiling. Researchers at the University of Vermont interviewed 349 college students and staff. For two months, 87% reported fantasies of other lovers (98% of men, 80% of women).

Their daydreams were independent of their demographics, the length of their relationships, the number of former lovers, and the number of extramarital affairs, if any.

For her book on sexual fantasies, Brett Kahr asked his over 1,000 participants about the fantasies of other lovers.

Virtually everyone admitted to having them.

The late comedian Rodney Dangerfield told a story about making love to his girlfriend. They try to cheer up, but none of them can wake up much.

Finally, Dangerfield asks, “What’s the problem? Can not you think of anyone?


Boiling: An easy and enjoyable way to stimulate sexual arousal # 10 The boiling solution

 Simmering works best when lovers do something that sex therapists recommend – schedule sex in advance.

That way, you know when to boil.

Great sex is a combination of friction and fantasy. Sexual therapists recommend using fantasies to stimulate arousal to prepare for friction.

Simmering is like an appetizer before the party.

If you have problems with the excitement, try boiling. This usually helps.

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