One of the common problems in terms of sex is not really the sex positions to do. The real problem is when one of the two is too shy to start and very hesitant to start. While this seems simple to do, most women are afraid or shy about grabbing their partner.

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So if you and your partner want a more maddening sex, below are some sexual positions that will help you reach the peak of orgasm.

5 Sex positions that will boost your sex life #1 – Seesaw

This sexual position is so hot that your man will surely love. Keep your legs tilted back so they are over your ears while the man is kneeling in front of you. Your knees will be directly against your lower back.

The woman can control how fast or slow the penetration will be. Likewise, you can establish eye contact with your partner. Opening more legs will narrow the vaginal canal and offer you a deep penetration. To make it more exciting, you can toggle the intensity and stimulation of the jerk. From slow to fast to slow again until you get close to climax.

5 Sex positions that will boost your sex life #2 – Amazonas

This sexual position is ideal for those who are engaged in activities that improve balance and flexibility, such as pilates. The male partner will lie down with his back on the floor or in bed, while his legs are open and pulled to the female partner.

The woman gently lowers toward the man so that he too can do the same and penetrate her. Tell the man to keep his legs wrapped around you tightly so you can stick together. For a more fun experience, change your position until he is lying on top of you without removing your penis. Again, this is a crazy position that is not suitable for everyone.

5 Sex positions that will boost your sex life #3 – Passion Pretzel

Coming from the name of a popular delight, this is a position you should try as fast as possible. Kneeling face to face, both have to bend their outer leg to stay on the ground. Argue your back until your man is inside you.

This position offers a deep penetration and by folding the right leg around your right waist, it will give you more access to penetrate it. This position is beautiful and exhibits copulatory equality as long as both are in the same posture.

5 Sex positions that will boost your sex life #4 – The Shining Triangle

Maybe you have not heard of this sexual position yet, or maybe you’ve heard it but you really have no idea what that means. This position is similar to the missionary position, however, it has an interesting twist.

A pillow is used for an additional lift while the woman is lifting her pelvis and wrapped around her partner. This causes the depth of penetration to increase and the man does not have to move, this may be good news for him. The woman is going to do the work and is in control of the rhythm.

5 Sex positions that will boost your sex life #5 – The position of the padlock

This is another sexual position that could be performed almost anywhere, as long as you have a high waist, home structure or tall furniture. It can also be made while sitting on the edge of the kitchen counter or tables or even in a washing machine.

Once in position, wrap your legs around your waist while supporting your weight with your arms on your back. This position is sure to increase the pleasure to both of you both and give you an easy penetration and the possibility to stimulate your clitoris.

Also known as the leg lock position, this position is ideal for those days when you do not feel ready for some lasting action and would just like to have an orgasm instantly. It’s also a good position for quickies.

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