The lubricant is the unsung hero sex.

It is the galaxy-level sex in the brain because it is so obvious but so brilliant, and once you know about it, you will think of the time before you do as the horrible “before the years”.

For some reason, the lubricant has this confusing reputation as something that is only for people who have “dried up.” But there is absolutely no truth in that.

The lubricant, in all its glory, is for everyone – as it should be for everyone to use it more often than not. And do not just use it, but use it creatively.

No shade, but if you are new to the world of lubricant, there are a few things you need to know.

First, the lubricant can be made from four different materials: water, oil, petroleum or silicone.

Water-based is the safest option if you are using condoms (since it will not break the rubber), in addition, it can be easily washed away from your bodies, sheets, whatever, post-coital.

11 Ways to Use Lubricant During Sex # 1 Silicone Lubricant

Silicone based lubricant is great for shower or pool connections and anal sex because it usually gets smoother longer and will not wash in the water.

Just know that some silicone-based lubricants can damage condoms, so use a backup birth control method and communicate clearly with your partners about STIs.


11 Ways to Use Lubricant During Sex # 2 Now for fun things:

Here are 10 ways you probably are not, but you should be using lubricant. Go ahead and enjoy the slippery ride.


11 Ways to Use Lubricant During Sex # 3 Use before sex happens.

The lubricant has this reputation of being something you pull out of the seat during penetrative sex when a partner is having more difficulty maintaining their own lubrication, and that is total.

Help break this taboo by bringing your new, vandal friend during preliminaries.

Ask a partner to put a little in the palm of the hand and rub the vulva and the lips against it to give a new twist on a manual work for women.

11 Ways to Use Lubricant During Sex # 4 . Use it for a relaxing massage.

The first rule of using the lubricating heater (it warms up with any melee or friction) is to never use it without telling your partner first (unless you want him to think that you’ve just put Hot Ice on your intimate parts) .

Other than that, there really are no rules – go ahead and heat things up! A suggestion? Use some dolls on your partner’s nipples (or on your own) for nipple stimulation that is literally hotter than ever. For more access here.


11 Ways to Use Lubricant During Sex # 5 . Use it to increase your orgasm.

During sex with a male partner, apply a few drops of lubricant to the perineum – the extra-sensitive point between the scrotum and the anus.

Just before orgasm, lightly tap your finger on the lubricated spot to change the whole damn game and send it to the edge.


11 Ways to Use Lubricant During Sex # 6 . Use when you masturbate .

Yes, even sex with yourself can be improved with lubricant.

If you have dry hands, do not need to use a moisturizing lotion that may contain unwanted chemicals, especially since you do not want those ingredients inside you.

Just apply a few drops of water based lubricant on your finger before touching you for a softer feel.

Orgasmo Feminino

11 Ways to Use Lubricant During Sex # 7 . Use it when you masturbate with a vibrator.

Imagine the electrifying pulse of your favorite vibrator reaching all the right spots.

Now imagine using that same toy to slide smoothly over your clit with the same power, but a totally different, more fluid feel.

A little lubricant on a vibrator is a total game changer.

Just be careful: If your sex toy is made of silicone, you will definitely want to use a water-based lubricant, since silicone lubricants can deteriorate the soft rubber.


11 Ways to Use Lubricant During Sex # 8 . Us and during vaginal intercourse, of course.

There is no wrong way to use lubricant during intercourse.

You can apply it directly to your body, to the penis or to the condom itself. My personal rule is to start with a dose of ten cents and work from there.

Of course, you may find a point where it is too much (it is slipping everywhere, it is dripping excessively on the sheets), but this is easily remedied with a paper towel.

Y ou do not want to reduce any friction, but this limit is personal to everyone and you know when you feel it.


11 Ways to Use Lubricant During Sex # 9 . Use it inside the condom.

First, no guy should complain about how to use a condom “ruin sex.”

Buck up , my man. But if your partner is looking for more ways to increase the sensation while you’re protected, Eric Garrison, a sexologist and author of Mastering Multiple-Position Sex, has a suggestion.

“A lot of guys complain that the condom lessens the feeling,” Garrison told

“Adding a little lubricant increases the sensitivity it feels inside the latex.”

If you put a drop or two inside the rubber before unrolling it, this can open up a world of feelings, and certainly should be enough to shut it.


11 Ways to Use Lubricant During Sex # 10. Use during anal intercourse. (A Virectil has)

While you can reach a “yes, a lot” limit during vaginal intercourse, this threshold will be much lower with anal sex because unlike your vagina, your booty does not create its own lubricant to make things slipping and sliding.

So, carry it from there! When it comes to anything butt, too much lubrication and precautions are never enough.


11 Ways to Use Lubricant During Sex # 11 . Use during a gap.

This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s true!

Sex therapist Gina Ogden, PhD, author of The Return of Desire, previously explained:

“Women often use spit, but it can be difficult to gather enough.

A flavored lubricant provides enough moisture so your jaw does not get so tired. “


11 ways to use lubricant during sex # 1 2 . Use for a sexy massage.

Why not try a safe lubricant for the body during non-sexual preliminaries?

Some splashes can turn a back massage, from relaxation to “sacred hell, your touch is electrifying, can we please have sex now?”


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Stay tuned for the next post , if you want to open the fan more when it comes to good, intimate chat! We will deal with female libido and more!

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