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What is Retard Duo Pack?

Retard Duo Pack is the perfect product combination for the treatment of premature ejaculation combining Retard Caps with Retard Gel and this means not only double the effectiveness as twice the results.

This package allows 30 days of treatment, we recommend following treatment over a period of two to three months, the first results on average are immediately visible after one week of treatment.

Limited Offer: Buying Retard Duo Pack you get one Retard Spray free (Application: Spray one or two doses of Retard Spray before sexual activity over the entire penis region, massaging to improve its absorption).

Retard Duo Pack is a set of two products that complement each other and are used in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Take 2 Retard caps per day with water in between the main meals, this powerful capsules will act throughout the day nourishing penis with the necessary ingredients for its strengthening, which will help in controlling premature ejaculation.

Step 2: Apply a layer of Retard Gel daily at bedtime over the entire penile area and massage to improve its absorption, this magnificent gel will operate throughout the night promoting promoting penis strengthening, calming spasticity of the nerves that triggers the need to ejaculate and aiding in the transport of Retard Caps components.



Retard Caps is a revolutionary treatment for premature ejaculation, it is a 100% natural product that is designed to produce results in both short-term and long-term helping to treat premature ejaculation permanently.

The innovative formula of the Retard Caps based on natural plant extracts improves the quality of erection, helps controlling premature ejaculation and radically change the quality of life of men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

The results begin to be visible approximately at the end of two weeks, experts argue that the ideal is to follow the treatment for 2-3 months, so that you feel considerable changes in your sexual condition and you can achieve greater control over ejaculation.

You should take 2 capsules daily with water between the main meals, so that in a short period of time you can enjoy intensely, your intimate moments without the worry of suddenly ejaculate.



Retard Gel provides a slight anesthetic effect, temporarily reducing the sensitivity over the head of the penis. Applied before sex, the gel will help you to delay ejaculation and prolong your intimate moments, leaving you more relaxed and in total control over your ejaculation which will allow that intercourse can be more pleasurable, giving you more time to satisfy your partner.

Retard Gel is a delay gel for external use, you should apply a layer of Retard Gel daily over the entire penis region massaging to improve its absorption, Retard Gel will make your sexual intercourse more intense and last longer without fear of ending quickly. By delaying ejaculation, men are able to continue providing more love that is essential for most women to reach orgasm.

Reasons to buy Retard Duo Pack?

  • Its a powerful solution to control premature ejaculation
  • Restores men self-esteem and offers a better sexual performance
  • Its formula is approved and recommended by Doctors
  • The results are quick, safe and effective
  • It has a purely natural formula, free of any side effect
  • Effective treatment against premature ejaculation


Retard Caps:

Epimedium extract, Panax Ginseng extract, Valeriana Officinalis extracts, Tribulus terrestris extract, Dodder seed extract, Trigonella foenum-graecum, Glycyrrhiza glabra extract, Hypericum perforatum extract, Passion flower extract, Anethum graveolens extract, Other ingredietns : lactose, magnesium stearate, talc

Retard Gel:

Crataegus Monogyna, Ginseng, Tribulus terrestris, Onopordum, Acanthium, Aloe Vera,Ginkgo biloba, Cayenne pepper, Mentha Sideritis scardica, Urtica dioica, DI water, Hydroxyethyl cellulose, Natural Glycerin, Citric Acid, Propyl Paraben, Methyl, Paraben


Each bottle of Retard Caps contains: 60 capsules of 250mg.

Each Bottle of Retard Gel contains: 50ml.

Both made in UE.

Administration and Dosage / Application

Retard Caps

Take 2 capsules per day with water between the main meals.

Retard Gel:

Apply a layer of Retard Gel daily at bedtime massaging to improve its absorption.

Retard Duo Pack have side effects?

Virectil® products are not recommended for individuals under 18 years old and people who suffer from hypersensitivity to any component present in their compositions.


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