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Clitoris – 05 Steps You Need To Know To Have Orgasms With Your Clitoris And Have More Pleasure!

Testosterone – what it is, how it acts and how it increases

We all know that testosterone is the hormone that makes men, men. In the womb, we all started out as women. The production of testosterone in fetuses destined to become males alters the growing body to produce male reproductive organs and features of the body rather than the characteristics of females. Testosterone - what it…
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Impotence – Tips for having a satisfying sexual relationship

Impotence. Enjoying a healthy physical body, a sense of physical and emotional fitness, pleasure-oriented sexual function, and stimulating and orgastic sex promote sexual satisfaction. Both subjective arousal and physiological arousal increase the couple's satisfaction. Impotence - Tips for having a satisfying sexual intercourse #1 - The paradox The paradox is that poor physical fitness, poor…
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Old age sex is possible! You may see these tips

It is often culturally disclosed that old age sex is not possible and that a real man is totally sexually confident and acts with regularity and predictability only in his 20s. Old age sex is possible! You may see these tips #1 - Misbelief Other, more sophisticated men realize that sex is different in their…
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Erection problems – How to improve sexual function

Erection problems, just like the sexual function of men, is anchored in a healthy body. Well-being and physical integrity are essential to your emotional health and illustrate the integration of the mind-body connection to male sexuality. The guideline is simple: Anything good for your physical body will be good for your sexuality, and anything that…
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