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Clitoris – 05 Steps You Need To Know To Have Orgasms With Your Clitoris And Have More Pleasure!

Multiple orgasms – Can’t reach them? We’ve got the solution!

Multiple female orgasms happens when, in a single sexual relation, they are experienced from two to more orgasm spikes, which don’t necessarily needs to happen in a short period of time. Sounds great, right?! However, few women have the privilege of having them, and several factors prevent multiple orgasms. Today, we'll give you some tips…
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Test: Do you have a lack of female desire? Or low libido?

Low libido. Some women immediately know that something has gone wrong sexually, but awareness comes up gradually. We recommend that you self-assess your sexual functioning as soon as you become concerned that something may be wrong. You will notice that self-assessment provides valuable information that will help you make decisions about how to solve the…
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Increase Libido – 5 Natural Tips For Women

Increase libido. Female frigidity is also known as female sexual dysfunction. This problem is quite common among women of various ages. Usually, it is the impediment in getting sexually aroused or any sexual activity that brings you pleasure. Ordinarily, women are called "icy", but we prefer to refer to them as frigidity and female sexual…
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Women desire – How to increase libido

Women desire. Sexual desire, or libido, can vary greatly between a couple and another and can cause problems in a relationship. Sometimes couples need to deal with this forgive a little the rules associated with the relationship, but a better solution would be that both had the libido more or less the same level. Sexual…
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