Orgasm can be defined in various ways, all of them are summed in a feeling of great pleasure. It causes an increase in heartbeat and other pleasurable sensations throughout the body and mind.

It differs from woman to woman, and as much as a large number of people have never experienced that feeling, sometimes even doubting if it exists, but researchers say the orgasm exists. Each person will feel different things, but the feeling in general is that the nipples become more rigid, the vagina contracts and then relaxes. Some sites compare the feeling after orgasm as if his body was numb for a few seconds.

No doubt it’s an amazing feeling, but for some people it is not so easy to get. And if a woman is unable to reach orgasm, this stored energy can cause impatience and nervousness, affecting other areas of your personal life. So it’s important to know what is preventing the arrival of orgasm, to resolve the issue.

Lose concentration during sex

A major bad guys blocking the arrival of orgasm is anxiety and stress. The thought of women need to be focused on what is happening at that time in order to help the partner to notice what are the areas that generate more pleasure in it. Women are different from men at the time of excitement, they need more stimulus. One way to be focused on sex is try to relax through a bath, listen to music or gaining a partner massage.

Fatigue can also affect performance in bed. It is usually caused by day to day problems and health problems. When fatigue happens occasionally it is normal, but if fatigue is something constant, it is important to see a doctor to analyze what is happening, to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Low self-esteem

The low self-esteem causes feelings of inferiority in women, making her feel ashamed of your own body and worrying excessively during sex. Thus, the difficulty in reaching orgasm is greater, for it she not feel like desire of exploring your own body to know what makes her feel pleasure.

In such situations, women pretend the orgasm, but this is not healthy for her or for the partner, so the best way is to seek therapeutic help to eliminate this blockade in relation to your own body.

The solution can be masturbation, see the benefits of masturbating, here. To masturbate the woman gets to know his own body and know what areas that satisfy, getting to orgasm more intense.

Fear of failing to satisfy the companion or even become apprehensive because she could not have an orgasm, causes disturb the performance as well. The trick is not to create expectations that can not happen.

Unwillingness to have sex

If the partner does not excite the woman or if the woman does not feel attracted to him there are some things that can be done to change this scenario, read the article that talks about how to eliminate the frigidity, here.

Sex is not an obligation. So, for sex to be enjoyable for both, the woman has to be good about themselves, comfortable in the relationship. It is very important not expect the sex seen in movies will be the same in real life.

Poor health

Some medicines make the woman lose the desire to have sex and this complicates the way to get the orgasm. Antidepressants, for example, alter the hormones that give the feeling of well-being. Other drugs cause drowsiness and physical discomfort, reducing the desire to have sex.

Infections in the vagina cause discomfort and pain for the woman, it interferes with sexual pleasure. Diabetes also alters hormones and reduces the sensitivity of women.

Psychological illnesses can disrupt the concentration of women, undermining the relaxation of body and hindering orgasm. Alcohol and cigarettes are also bad habits, that in addition to harm the health, cause a big drop in libido.

Menstrual period

The desire to have sex is not always constant in women. For example, in the week of menstruation, the libido is higher due to the hormones that are released, and with the increased flow of blood in intimate areas the woman is more sensitive and easy to reach orgasm.

But halfway through the cycle, when ovulation occurs, it is a more difficult stage to achieve orgasm due to premenstrual tension and cramps. Therefore, many people avoid having sex during this period. The contraceptive cause libido decrease.


If the woman still can not reach orgasm, overcoming the barriers mentioned in the article may be good to consider using a safe and natural supplement that can be the solution to all the sexual problems. On the site of Virectil, there are several types of aphrodisiacs and stimulants. Visit the website and check out the recommendations and benefits.

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