Erotic massage .   If the idea of ??getting an erotic massage is becoming more and more interesting, you should read the following things first .

Erotic massages are designed for satisfaction, but there are a few things you need to know before you make your way into the living room.

Name them as you wish – rules, guidelines, recommendations – and follow them accordingly.

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Erotic Massage # 1 Sexual Satisfaction – It’s Not All That!

The experience of erotic massage offers satisfactions in 3 ways: physically, mentally and sexually.

The latter may seem the most important, but in fact this type of massage offers a state of absolute relaxation, in addition to the erotic part.

Erotic massage is really a way to achieve complete relaxation.

More and more people forget how much tension is directly related to sexual frustration.

In a standard massage, some areas are never stimulated and the focus goes to the obvious areas that accumulate stress and tension: the back and the shoulders.

On the other hand, the erotic massage also manages to release the tensions of the sexual areas, leaving the receiver in a state of complete relaxation.


7 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Erotic Massage # 2 Keep Control of Your Breath

You may think that the experience of erotic massage is intended to take you to the highest margins of pleasure.

Nothing wrong, but you also need to know that this type of massage is also a test of control and patience.

What does that mean?

The masseur will accumulate pleasure in your body until you reach the pleasure at the edge of orgasm.

In an instant, the masseur will retreat.   Again and again, you will be brought to the climax of orgasm in the most enjoyable way possible.

All this ends the most intense experience you will ever have.

There is a trick to achieving this: breath control.

After practicing this type of edging several times, keeping your breath under control all the time, will grant you some benefits:

improvement of sexual desire, premature ejaculation prevention and improvement of sexual experiences.


  7 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Erotic Massage # 3 Take a Bath Before!

You may think it is not necessary, but just put yourself in the masseur’s place for a minute.

Would you feel happy to massage sweaty, full of hair and stinking body?

Think of it as an act of politeness and take a complete bath, because erotic massage is an intimate experience.

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Erotic Massage # 4 Let Your Worries Get Away

It’s simple: do not think too much!

If you will be there thinking about the problems you have at home or at work.

Without fully focusing on the blows from the masseur’s hands, you will lose the whole experience.

Let all your worries drift away and be aware of all the sensations that the masseur puts on you!


7 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Erotic Massage # 5 Massages are not prostitutes – do not forget that!

That means you will NOT treat them as they are.

Whatever you think, consider these facts:

There are many types of erotic massage such as massage   tantric or prostate, and many years of training are needed to master them.

It is really difficult to balance relaxation and pleasure, you have to admit it.

This is exactly what separates erotic masseurs from prostitutes, since erotic massage is an art of satisfaction.

And not just a quick road to sexual satisfaction.

With these things in mind, you are ready to receive an erotic massage .


7 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Erotic Massage # 6 Erotic Massage x Classic Massage

At the   we talked about the benefits of getting a massage.

Of course, such treatment can be considered as a therapy for the whole body, but also for the soul.

You get to experience what it’s like   release the stress level   , relax and see life with another attitude.   This is all about a classic massage.

When it comes to the erotic part of this story, get ready to experience what it’s like to be spoiled by a   beautiful woman   .

Here are some ideas in comparison between classical and erotic massage to show the main advantages of this story.

In the “battle” between these two, which side do you prefer the next time?

The movements

When it comes to the classic type of massage, be ready to feel the intense movements, but not in a pleasant way.

An   massage   classic   it will involve pressing the muscles, releasing the tension, but this may seem a bit too difficult for you.

Reason is a therapeutic way of working on your different parts of the body and eliminating tension.

When it comes to   erotic massage , be ready to feel the movements in a smooth and totally enjoyable way.

The masseur may try to relax you by tickling you – sometimes, or by adding some   sensual ingredient   the story;

it seduces you with the movements, it does not add force to the movements.

In addition, the movements are all over the body, not just one area.

The nudity

We must say in both cases that there are some nudity scenes involved.

For classic massage, you just need to reveal the back, usually the part where the message is performed.

When it comes to   erotic massage ,   nudity is implied, however.

The common part?   You can keep the pants on.

The difference?   Well, the erotic part means letting your senses go crazy, wake up, be spoiled in that way.

Then the person who will perform the massage will also be completely naked.

This will not happen during a classic massage session.

The experience

Even though each of you should determine what type of massage is best to choose,

We can not ignore the fact that every kind has its own beneficial aspects.

For example, women tend to be a bit more skeptical when it comes to   erotic massage,

For them the most common choice will be on the classical one.

On the contrary, men have a different way of thinking.

A classic massage is necessary when you need relaxation and relaxation for your back, for example.

When you want to have a   complex experience,   then you should definitely choose erotic massage .

It involves an activity correlated with the intimacy part, so in a mixed way with the benefits of the massage itself, you have a treatment like no other.

In addition, in both cases, you will find a person you have never seen before, so the experience of dealing with a new person will be verified equally .

It is important to mention this because this should not be a reason for you to deny yourself the pleasure of massage, no matter the type of it.

It does not matter if you’re a man or a woman.

You should look for an erotic massage any way you want, under the circumstances you wish.


7 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Erotic Massage # 7 Erotic Accessories

The woman after age 25 has bodily changes, and this is normal, so do not let your physical body make the wrong impression about your sexual interests.

And to take the attitude of doing an erotic massage , a step to help you is to buy lubricants that will arouse that desire!

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