Multiple female orgasms happen when, in a single sexual relationship , they are experienced from two to more orgasm spikes, which need not necessarily happen in a short period of time.

Sounds great, does not it ?!

However, few women have the privilege of trying them, and several factors prevent multiple orgasms.

Today, we’ll give you some tips to help you achieve them, and, as a matter of fact, improve your sexual performance .

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Multiple Orgasms – Can not Reach It? We Have The Solution! # 1 – Masturbation

Touch it! Female masturbation is very important and brings many health benefits.

Besides helping to sleep better and relieve stress and anxiety, masturbation allows you to better understand your body and feel more comfortable with it.

You will discover how your body works and what gives you pleasure, you can teach your partner what makes you happy and thus gain sexual satisfaction and greatly facilitate multiple orgasms.


Multiple Orgasms – Can not Reach It? We Have The Solution! # 2 – Clients

The clitoris is the most sensitive site of the female body and when properly stimulated can provide an unmentionable pleasure.

However, soon after the first orgasm, the clitoris can become extremely sensitive and if stimulated vigorously can cause a lot of discomfort, and even pain.

The secret to achieving multiple orgasms is to invest in different strokes, let the clitoris rest for a few minutes and vary the strokes.

A good tip would be to caress the vaginal lips, so you would not be stimulating the clitoris directly and the discomfort would not be a hindrance.

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Multiple Orgasms – Can not Reach It? We Have The Solution! # 3 – Positive Sex Positions

All sexual positions are pleasurable, but there are some that facilitate multiple orgasms , usually those that stimulate the Clitoris and the G-spot at the same time.

We have selected three of them for you!



In the Mom and Dad position, the man should move his body forward toward the woman by causing her pelvis to touch the clitoris, and with the movements of coming and going, the clitoris will be stimulated.

To reach the G-spot, the woman can place a pillow or cushion under the hip to hit the angle of the point, helping to reach the multiple orgasms.



This position is optimal because the control of the movements and intensity of the same is for the women, allowing them to have better conditions for orgasm.

The tip we give in this position is that, instead of the woman making only up and down movements, she can also make back and forth movements and circular movements with the body closely glued to the man to stimulate the clitoris.

Another tip is that it can change the position, turn sideways, reverse the ride or the man can sit (or put a pillow under the back to lift the trunk), facilitating the access of the hands to her clitoris.


The puppy’s position allows a deep penetration and directly reaches the G-spot. In this case, the man stays with his arms free and can easily massage the clitoris with his hands, ensuring that the woman’s sexual satisfaction is easier.

The woman can also rest her elbows on the bed or lie on it, further increasing the angle of Point G.

It can also position your legs inside the man’s legs to “narrow” the vaginal canal, allowing greater sensitivity.


Multiple Orgasms – Can not Reach It? We Have The Solution! # 4 – Relax

To achieve multiple orgasms you need to be relaxed, do not cover yourself too much and let it roll. If you get too focused on getting there in a hurry, your body will not accompany you.

Remember that every woman has her time and focus on the moment, the caresses and the pleasure.

Multiple Orgasms – Can not Reach It? We Have The Solution! # 5 – Invest In Natural Stimulants

Multiple orgasms.   Investing in a stimulant will help, and a lot, in sexual performances.

Our formulas are 100% natural and effective, providing unforgettable intimate relationships.

The Orgasm Duo Pack is the best ally of the woman who wants to achieve more satisfying and intense orgasms.

The package consists of 2 products that complete and are easy to use.

They are:

O   Orgasm Female Aphrodisiac Gel , which is a powerful stimulant for the clitoris   and;

O   Orgasm Drops , which is a liquid aphrodisiac that acts as a stimulant creating a feeling of uncontrollable desire.

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