Virectil Aqua Slide 100ml


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What is Virectil Aqua Slide?

Virectil Aqua Slide is a water-based lubricant ideal to use with condoms, as well as being easier to clean. For this reason, it is widely used by couples in their sexual relations.

Virectil Aqua Slide benefits go far beyond the ease of penetration. People who use Virectil Aqua Slide report having high levels of pleasure and sexual satisfaction, and there are fewer reports of pain during sex.

Virectil Aqua Slide can be used by both man and woman and it is indicated in both vaginal and anal sex. Because it composed of water, it fits directly into the natural lubrication of the body and can be used without fear.

Reasons for applying Virectil Aqua Slide?

  • Makes sex more pleasurable and fun
  • Facilitates vaginal and anal penetration
  • It is indicated both in the practice of vaginal and anal sex
  • It is indicated during foreplay or sex play
  • Causes no significant change in the vaginal flora
  • Highly recommended by sex therapists and experienced couples
  • Ideal to use with condoms


Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Hethylhexylglycerin


Each Bottle of Virectil Aqua Slide contains: 100ml. Made in EU


Apply the desired amount of Virectil Aqua slide directly on the area to be lubricated or condom.


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