9 sexual positions for multiple orgasms

9 sexual positions for multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms. Because two or three is better than one.

You can have   multiple orgasms ?

Well, maybe!   About 47 % of women report having more than one orgasm followed, according to one   study   gives   OMGYES   , the Indiana University School of Public Health and the Kinsey Institute .

Here 's how to get on the good side of that stat, stat. ...

9 sexual positions for multiple orgasms # 1 The Arc de Triomphe

Multiple orgasms. To increase your chances of hitting multiples, lean on your hands and arch your back while sitting on the partner's face for a more focused stimulus (and a slightly more comfortable pose for you).

Adjust your hips accordingly to achieve the perfect point.

9 sexual positions for multiple orgasms # 2 Provocation, please

Multiple orgasms. Slow and steady wins the orgasm race.

You can have your partner move a lubricated finger in terribly slow circles around her clitoris, then raise her level with a more intense friction, with a curved finger inside.

Then, finally, your partner slips while you keep rubbing yourself (or using a toy).

Plus five if and when you recover.

9 sexual positions for multiple orgasms # 3 Princess and Peen

Multiple orgasms. Take advantage of two ways of overtaking the edge by   Cylindrical sex pillow   (or rolled towels or a firm and well-covered sofa cushion - you can be skillful!).

Multiple orgasms. Push back to your partner for deep penetration and rub against your pillow contraption for more clitoral love.

You can also activate a vibration and support it between you and the pillow.   ~ Blissy ~.


9 sexual positions for multiple orgasms # 4 Flying V

Multiple orgasms. Oral is a great way to try multiple orgasms because it does not require a partner who has a penis to stay hard for ages.

Scoot your butt up to the edge of the bed so your partner can kneel down and get to work.

This works best if you start with a gentle clitoris-only orgasm as they move to a full deep V-type.

For the first part, gentle licks and sucking for part two, they can slide a curved finger inside you for a steady and steady internal stimulus while continuing with oral attention.

9 sexual positions for multiple orgasms # 5 the rag doll

Multiple orgasms. If you want or want different stimulation within the same position because multitasking, lie on your side with a pillow under your head.

He kneels next to her butt, one knee between her legs, so that it is over the lower leg and the upper leg goes over the thigh.

Make the angle for concentrate the stimulation and if when you have an orgasm, switch to another and try again.

Options: rubbing on the upper thigh, letting yourself get flaccid to P-in- V, plus clitoris, anal and vibrator , etc ...

9 sexual positions for multiple orgasms # 6 Bump and Grind

Multiple orgasms. Change the thrust tasks to mix the stimulation.   Have your partner stand on a missionary, then put your legs inside them and tighten them tightly together.

Lower it slightly so you can grind against the top of its axis.   You do all the movement - his job if he endure, it is not to come ... still .

For the second round, they get up in their hands so you can rub themselves while they push.

Super sexy for everyone.

9 sexual positions for multiple orgasms # 7 the cup holder

Multiple orgasms. If you become super sensitive after orgasm, the sitting position is your friend.

Sit on your partner's lap with your back to orgasm

# 1.   Then when you think you can not take it any longer, they gently put your V with the whole hand.

As the parts of your body calm down a little, they move to rub with the whole hand.   And so it begins again.

9 sexual positions for multiple orgasms # 8 to soft stop

Multiple orgasms. O   clitoris extends   into and around your vagina.

The key to multiples is coming to it from different angles.

For this, you need reinforcements.

Start Alone - Gather an Arsenal and   toys   and take you to your bed.   Use your hand for a simple, and probably initial, clitoral orgasm .

Then try another one by sliding a   vibrator style vibrator   inside your vagina and pressing it against the top wall.

If you can handle more, mix and match with butt plugs , clit vibrators , what you have.

Just be sure to lock the door.

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